Sunday, 4 September 2016

BOHO Espresso | Scarborough

When in doubt in deciding what to have for breakfast, always go with avocado and toast, because there's little room for error and avocados are a godsend. Boho Espresso's 'bohoavo's' came with two crunchy slices of ciabatta, house made labneh, lemon, avocado and salt. Regardless of the slightly steep price of $17.00, the avocado was fresh and creamy, the labneh was robust and delicious and I loved how it was a make-it-your-own avo on toast with all the elements separated. After finishing though, I noticed that the table across from us who ordered the same thing received a whole avocado whereas I only got half, which I thought was pretty unfair. I would have loved the other half of my avocado!

The other dish that we ordered was the 'baroness' which a banana loaf with strawberries, mascarpone and chocolate for $23.00, which was a nice sweet contrast to the avocado on toast. Although the banana loaf was a little too stodgy for my liking, taste wise the dish was the perfect amount of sweetness and the three elements worked perfectly together. The only drawback however, was that my mum found a piece of steel from a scourer inside the banana loaf. Thinking back, I regret not telling one of the waiters about the issue but weirdly we weren't that bothered by it and we didn't really expect any compensation. Hopefully it was just a one off thing!

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