Friday, 19 August 2016

Weekly Photoset | Vintage Antique Markets in Yamato, Kanagawa

The one thing that appears on my to-do list in every country or city that I visit is a flea market, or any kind of outdoor market. Thinking back, we were actually really lucky that the weekend we visited my great-aunt was the same weekend the Yamato Antique Market was on. The market, located just outside Yamato Station occurs on the third Saturday of every month. The day we visited was hot and humid, it was actually the hottest day that occurred during our trip. From memory it was mid-thirties and the sun was beating down. When we got there, it was obvious what the market was known for, the array of vintage kimono fabrics that were on sale at ridiculously cheap prices. There were several vendors with mountains of random kimono off-cuts and in-tact kimono jackets for sale, and everyone, the majority of them being old ladies, were clamouring and bargaining for them. Admittedly, my mother ended up buying more than ten pieces of fabric which we had to carry around the market with sweaty arms. Along with vintage kimono fabrics, there were the usual knick knacks, vintage crockery and secondhand accessories. The market stretches along a long road with a 7-Eleven that was deemed in my books, a saviour that stocked me and my sister's favourite Japanese icy treat: Papico (!). I'm all about the コンビニ (konbini) in Japan, everyday, without fail I go to one, whether it be to buy a drink or snack, visit the ATM or basically everything and anything.