Saturday, 18 June 2016

Weekly Photoset | Flying to Tokyo via Singapore

Hello from Tokyo! It's been about four days since we left Perth and we're well into our long awaited trip. Over the past few months I've been feeling some sort of homesickness for Tokyo, even though technically it's not my home per se, I've never fully lived here except for that three month stay I did back in 2013 when I attended a Japanese language program. But nonetheless, I do like to call Tokyo my second home. This trip was definitely planned on a whim with no back thought, it was a product of my unending wanderlust and coming across a cheap plane ticket whilst trying to "study" one day at uni. We left Perth Monday afternoon, stopped by in Changi Airport for three hours and finally landed in Haneda on Tuesday morning. Whilst in Changi, we managed to squeeze in a quick dinner from Singapore Street Eats. After years, I finally got to eat tosai! Tosai is the one thing that I haven't come across in Perth, so I was super happy to be able to eat it again after so long! The flight was quicker that what I thought it would be, I think it was partly due to my new Bose noise canceling headphones.  I've never been able to sleep on planes, but flights are totally worth it if it means travel. One thing that's becoming a ritual for us is to stop by the Itoen tea house at Haneda Airport for matcha soft serve. I always get the matcha and hojicha mix soft serve that comes with roasted puffed rice, red bean, glutinous rice balls and a wafer stick. Matcha has become a huge trend in Perth, but somehow I have yet to come across such a genuine matcha flavour like the one at Itoen in Perth.