Monday, 9 May 2016

Taste of Perth 2016

If you have to pick an event in Perth that makes foodies squeal in anticipation and glee, I would guess that Taste of Perth would be that event. Hosted last weekend from April 29 to May 1 at Langley Park, Taste of Perth was nothing short of amazing that also really drilled a hole in my bank account. I went to the Saturday night dinner session with a good friend of mine and we ate and drank the night away. 

Aperol Spritz: 8 Crowns ($8)
We started off at the Aperol Garden and ordered an Aperol Spritz. Ever since I tired it for the first time at Lot Twenty last December, Aperol Spritz has since become one of my favourite drinks to have. I just love how it's slightly sweet, but slightly bitter and refreshing at the same time, and the colour is just amazing.

Crisps soft shell crab: 10 Crowns ($10), Nobu style ramen: 6 Crowns ($6), Yellowtail sashimi: 14 Crowns ($14)
Food wise, we started off at Nobu, while my friend got the Nobu style ramen, I ordered Nobu's icon dish yellow tail sashimi with jalapeños and yuzu soy, as well as the crispy soft shell crab with watermelon and amazu ponzu. It went down a treat. Both dishes were satisfying and delicious. The sashimi was fresh with a perfect amount of heat from the jalapeños, and the yuzu flavour was distinct.   I loved the combination of sweet and salty flavours in the soft shell crab dish as well!

Margarita: 14 Crowns ($14)

Espresso martini: 16 Crowns ($16)
We then went to Cocktail Gastronomy for another round of drinks, I had an espresso martini and my
friend had a margarita. All drinks at Cocktail Gastronomy were priced at 16 Crowns ($16), which was a pretty hefty price tag for what we got. It was delicious and the theatrics of it was worth taking pictures, but there were other better options at the festival. 

Chocolate fondant: 6 Crowns ($6)
Next we went to The Shorehouse and tried out their chocolate fondant with ganache, cookies and cream, and caramel sauce which was runner up in the Best of Taste competition. I absolutely loved the chewy little edges of the fondant, overall it staved my cravings for something sweet and it was pleasant and enjoyable, although it wasn't overly exciting or painstakingly delicious.

Milk and honey: 8 Crowns ($8)
Next to The Shorehouse was Bib and Tucker where we indulged in their milk and honey dessert that was made up of ancient honey cake, burnt honey cremeux, quince and milk crumble. It's a well known fact amongst Perth's foodies that Bib and Tucker harvest their own 'rooftop honey', the ancient honey cake was deliciously sweet with strong honey flavours. The dish was super pretty as well!

Spiced beignets: 6 Crowns ($6)
Potato gnocchi: 10 Crowns ($10)
I was really impressed with Print Hall, especially with their potato gnocchi with roasted pumpkin, chèvre (goat cheese) and almonds, and their cinnamon spiced beignets with rum custard. The gnocchi dish was my favourite of the night, the gnocchi itself was soft and pillowy, the pumpkin was smooth and balanced and the crunchy almonds just highlight the entire the dish. The beignets weren't as spiced as I hoped it would be, but nonetheless they were so satisfying and the rum custard was creamy and had the right amount of kick to it.

After Print Hall, we stopped by the Aperol Garden again and had another glass! I'm seriously thinking of going to the liquor store and buying myself some Aperol.

Blackened carrots: 8 Crowns ($8)
After drinks, we went and got ourselves Manuka Firewood Kitchen's blackened carrots with feta, coffee and date, and dukka. The carrots were delicious, we couldn't get enough of them. Sweet and charred to perfection, it was such a simple dish with exciting flavour and textural combinations. 

Passionfruit brûlée: 6 Crowns ($6)
Somewhere in between, I can't recall, I also had the passionfruit brûlée from Bistro Guillaume, which was sweet, tart and full of delicious passionfruit flavour. 

Roasted and shaved cauliflower: 6 Crowns ($6)
We then returned to Bib and Tucker and ordered their roasted and shaved cauliflower with Manjimup hazelnuts, brown butter and goat curd. The roasted cauliflower were slightly overcooked, they didn't have that satisfying crunch to them, but the dish itself was delicious and wholesome.

Gin and tonic: 14 Crowns ($14)
Whisky highball: 6 Crowns ($6)
We then got thirsty again so after my friend bought a gin and tonic from The Shorehouse (seriously so delicious by the way), we went over to the Japanese style izakaya set up and I got myself a Suntory Kakubin whisky highball. Prior to Taste of Perth, I had never tried whisky before. The highball was definitely priced fairly at 6 Crowns. It was clean tasting, it slightly reminded me of the Japanese sake, I suppose it's the earthiness that I'm thinking of. We then sat around and talked on low makeshift tables and chairs, illuminated by orange lights emitting from paper lanterns.

Mango pannacotta: 6 Crowns ($6)
To finish off the night, we shared a mango panacotta with coconut cream and vanilla streusel from Silks. It was the perfect way to finish our degustation style night, it was a creamy classic combination of flavours. 

Even though it was super pricey (you have to pay for an entry ticket as well as food and drinks), Taste of Perth was so much fun. The atmosphere was so relaxed with great live music and the best thing was that it wasn't overcrowded, we managed to get seats all around the event for some odd and lucky reason! Can't wait to go again next year!