Friday, 12 February 2016

Weekly Photoset | Remembering Frankfurt

It's been about a month since I came back from my travels and although I've been quite consistent with uploading blog posts about my travels, I've been lacking in my Weekly Photosets. The name is self explanatory, one post a week documenting the events of that particular week through several photos and a paragraph of words to accompany it. I know this Weekly Photoset isn't detailing the events of this particular week, but I'm dedicating this post to Frankfurt, a sort of overview of the time we spent there last December.

20th: Arrived in seemingly perpetual exhaustion, I remember running on three hours of sleep.
21st: Breakfast at the hotel, Christmas Markets at Romerberg, we wanted to go to the Museum fur Moderne Kunst, but it was closed! So change of plans, and we went to visit Goethe House and museum, and then walked around Frankfurt.
22nd: Stadel Museum, museums can take up the whole day if you're not careful with time. Nice lunch at a cafe that used to be called Table, but now called Schirn Cafe that is adjoined to the Schrin Kunsthall. Left Frankfurt for Berlin.