Thursday, 11 February 2016

Vegetarian Food in Frankfurt | Schirn Cafe

From our experience, the food in Germany was mainly composed of meat dishes and bread. Seeing as we don't eat meat, our choices were limited. Don't get me wrong, every restaurant that we went to offered vegetarian meals, but they weren't the best. On our last day in Frankfurt, we wanted to find a restaurant called Table that was featured  in my mum's Japanese guidebook, according to the words in the book, the restaurant paid attention to vegetables and offered up delicious meals. It took us forever to find it, mainly because it wasn't called Table any more but Schrin Cafe. The cafe is adjoined the Schrin Kunsthalle (an exhibition hall) and it was a beautiful space with high ceilings and large windows that allowed the sun to shine through. Although limited in terms of vegetarian food, we ordered two salads and a tomato soup. One salad was a Middle Eastern style salad with crispy pita chips and zataar, while the other one was a fresh salad with roasted seasonal vegetables. Also, German roasted tomato soup has to be one of the best thing in the world. After a few days of constantly eating fat drenched carbohydrates and bread, the meals were a wonderful and delicious change. It was a leisurely lunch. After that we took off for Berlin.