Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Little Pantry's Infamous French Toast

A couple of a weeks a ago, a friend and I went out for brunch at The Little Pantry in Shenton Park. As I've said before, one of my favourite things about going out to eat, is the chance to lazily talk on and on about everything and anything with a friend over good food and yummy coffee. This is exactly what we did. Arriving around 11:35am on a weekday, we quickly made up our minds on what we wanted as the menu was about to switch over to lunch. The breakfast menu at The Little Pantry ends at 11:45am, with the lunch menu coming in at 12pm. The lady at the counter, was friendly enough to let us order from the breakfast menu even though we technically only had two minutes left of the allocated breakfast time at the cafe. 

Brioche French toast: $16.00
I ordered what people regard locally as the infamous brioche French toast. To say the least, it was huge and sweet, truly a dessert lover's heaven. If you've seen the geotagged photos of The Little Pantry on Instagram, you'll know that people purposely head towards the cafe just to have the brioche French toast, and that is exactly what I did. The dish was two slabs of fluffy brioche, a layer of Nutella between the two, tangy poached rhubarb, vanilla ice-cream, salted caramel sauce and crushed pistachios. When it was placed in front of me, I was intimidated, but also pleasantly surprised to see how pretty and almost dainty looking it was. The brioche was cooked to perfection with an eggy middle but a crisp outer layer, the flavour combinations were delightful and staved my sugar cravings and the salted caramel was just cooked, so buttery and sugary, with a good kick of salt to cut through the sweetness. The tart rhubarb also helped to cut through the butter and sugar. Although I found myself struggling to finish the dish due to the sugary and buttery richness, it was still enjoyable. The price tag was extremely reasonable as well.

Pancakes with caramelised bananas, Margaret River rib bacon and maple syrup: $16.00
The Little Pantry offers two types of pancakes: one with berry compote, whipped ricotta and another with caramelised banana, Margaret River rib bacon and maple syrup. My friend ordered the latter. It was an impressive stack of three fluffy pancakes topped high with bananas and bacon, and a pool of maple syrup. I tried some of her meal sans bacon, and I found the dish to be simply satisfying. It was the perfect sweet treat.

Although The Little Pantry offers many sweet dishes, they also have classics like smashed avocado, sweet corn fritters and truffled scrambled eggs. They also have a cabinet full of salads, sandwiches and bagels, quiches and homemade baked treats. Their weekday lunch menu is slightly limited, although they've got a fantastic sounding pumpkin and ricotta ravioli! I think compared to breakfast, lunch is less busy, and they've put a lot of focus on freshly made take-away lunches, customers were constantly coming through the doors and leaving with yummy lunches and coffees to-go. On the weekends, The Little Pantry offers an all-day breakfast menu as well as weekend specials. I've seen some of their specials, last weekends they had a housemade hashbrown with poached eggs, smoked chilli oil, Greek yoghurt and soused cucumber, which looked amazing. I'm really eager to head down to The Little Pantry again and try one of their specials!

On a side note, I've recently joined the team at Rotunda Media as a contributor, so you'll see similar posts over there and on my blog. Although the content is different, the review on the Rotunda website and on my blog is for the same outing, thus same meal, experience etc. First posted on Rotunda Media.

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