Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Places to Eat in Berlin | Cafe Einstein

Back then, before I ever ventured out to Europe, I always had this ideal scene in my head. The scene was a simple one, it was myself sitting comfortably at a cafe, eating a delicious European breakfast, brunch or lunch, whilst drinking coffee and inconspicuously watching other diners. The scene would lasts hours as I would eat at my leisure, maybe with a book or my journal next to me. Now, that dream scene has become a real memory. One morning we decided to have breakfast at Cafe Einstein in Berlin and it was everything you would want in an European cafe: a serene moment to yourself within a bustling atmosphere, with delicious food and drinks.

The menu seems to change frequently at Cafe Einstein, and when I tried to look up my breakfast on their menu it seems like it's no longer available. I had the vegetarian platter which had so many elements including: smashed avocado, sun dried tomatoes, pickled artichoke, pickles, Swiss cheese, fresh vegetable sticks and lettuce. The meal also came with light yoghurt topped with fresh berries and maple syrup, it was so enjoyable, subtly and naturally sweet, it was the perfect way to end the meal. Everything from the salty to the sweet parts of the dish was delicious, I couldn't get enough. It was fresh and unrefined, with the focus on uncomplicated and natural flavours. As the norm in Germany, we were also given a basket of different breads. My mum had the scrambled eggs with fine herbs and a side of smoked salmon, and my sister had the vegetarian omelette, both were delicious and hearty. We also ordered freshly squeezed orange juice and a coffee to finish. 

Cafe Einstein seems to be a favourite with the locals and it's obvious why that is; the food, the service and the atmosphere is impeccable. They have a large range of baked goods as well, I remember seeing glossy berry cakes and crumbly apple pies on the counter. If I could pick one moment from Berlin, I would pick that morning breakfast at Cafe Einstein, thinking about it makes me feel calm and nostalgic, and it fills me up with a need to go back there.