Sunday, 24 January 2016

Places to Eat in London | Koya Bar, Soho

Hiyashi Buta Miso: 9.90 pounds | Cold udon with pork and miso and cold sauce to pour.
The eating scene in London is truly amazing. There are so many options, regardless of time or day of the week. After seeing Matilda The Musical at Cambridge Theatre, we went to Koya Bar in Soho for some dinner. Seeing as half of our party was meat eaters and the the other half vegetarian/pescetarian, Koya Bar was the perfect fit as they offer a variety of options. Koya Bar is, like with many other London eateries, on the smaller scale, with an open kitchen and a bar surrounding it. Luckily, the seven of us managed to get a seat before the dinner rush.

Curry: 10.70 pounds
Being a major fan of Japanese curry and udon (which is my favourite type of noodle), I ordered the curry udon, which was vegan. You can't really go wrong with curry udon! The 'soup' was thick and full of flavour and atop the noodles were roasted Japanese pumpkin and a root vegetable that I can't remember the name of. The udon itself was tasty and beautiful, although it lacked that slight springy bite.

Gojiru: 13.60 pounds | Soya milk and vegetable hot pot.
Another vegan dish that we had was the gojiru udon, which was udon noodles in a soya milk and vegetable hot pot. It was so delicious and the perfect dish for winter. The soup was piping hot and so good, it had a slight creaminess to it but at the same time still retained it's broth-like consistency. I would definitely order it again!

Kitsune: 8.40 pounds | Sweet tofu and spring onion.
My sister had the kitsune udon, which is udon in a traditional Japanese fish/kombu broth with a huge slab of sweet tofu and spring onion. This dish didn't disappoint either, it was comforting, delicious and it reminded me of Japan.

Ten Mori: 12.20 pounds | Two prawns and vegetable tempura.
Aside from offering various udon dishes, Koya Bar also has donburi (a bowl of rice topped with something) and side items like tempura, pork belly and vegetables. Next time I'm in London, I'll definitely make a trip to Koya Bar again! From our experience it's best to get there around six-ish or even earlier, as the place fills up quickly and there's always a queue, even on a week day! And they don't take reservations. The people who work there are friendly and you can tell, dedicated and passionate about udon and good Japanese food.

Kakuni: 6.90 | Braised pork belly with cider.

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