Thursday, 31 December 2015

Weekly Photoset | Taking it Slow in London, UK

Buskers (?) at Camdem Market High Street

If you're ever at Camdem Market High Street, look up.

Camdem Market High Street
A section of Simryn Gill's 'A small town at the turn of the century' at Tate Modern

This piece was in the abstract section at Tate Modern, I'll have to do some research to find out who the artist is.

Dinner at Sticks n' Sushi
We arrived in London on Christmas Day and even though this city is alive and constantly moving (with the exception of Christmas Day, where everything, even the tube, shuts down), it's been super relaxing, probably due to the fact that this is our second time here. There's a completely different feeling when coming to London for the second time, in some sense it's not as exciting as the first time, because two years ago we were completely oblivious and new to everything around us. Now, however, the feeling of taking the tube, staying in my brother's apartment, and just being in London feels more familiar, and thus less stressful and more slow. This is neither a positive or a negative thing, merely an observation. There isn't much daylight here in London, and seeing as we're pretty slow in getting ready to get out there and slow in general, we only have room to do one activity per day. We went out for a fancy dinner one night, spent the entire day at Tate Modern, visited the Camdem Markets and surprisingly battled and came out alive during the big Boxing Day Sales. I think things will pick up speed when we leave for Amsterdam in a few days and when my cold goes away.