Monday, 14 December 2015

Appreciating Colour in Vegan Food

I've been wanting to go to Flora and Fauna in Northbridge for ages after seeing many amazing pictures on Instagram. Being a slight skeptic, I was worried that my visit would disappoint my expectations of the tiny cafe, all these photos that popped up on my dashboard looked utterly photogenic, making me question in my head: will it taste as good as it looks?

From previous reviews I knew Flora and Fauna was a small cafe, but I didn't expect it to be that tiny. The kitchen itself takes up three-quarters of indoor space, leaving the other quarter and the outside for seating. It's amazing really, how they function smoothly within limited space. For drinks I had a soy matcha latte, which was pleasant. It had that slight but distinct hint of spice that so many other places seem to be adding to the matcha. It was more on the weaker side,  which was probably due to the matcha sinking to the bottom. The chai latte was also quite weak, the honey that was used as the sweetener slightly overpowered the spice.

Magic mushroom bagel: $19.00
The four of us ordered the same two dishes, the banana bread and the magic mushroom bagel. As promised everything was presented beautifully with an abundance of colour. My mushroom dish was truly magical, it was also such a generous serving. The magic mushroom bagel came with a whole Holy Bagel Co. bagel, marinated mushrooms, house made basil pesto, hummus, greens and avocado. I loved every aspect of the dish, from the juicy and tasty marinated mushrooms, the dense bagel, the fresh greens and avocado, and to the yummy pesto and hummus that tied everything together. The basil pesto wasn't green, it was red (capsicum?), making me think that it wasn't the house made basil pesto promised on the menu, nonetheless, what was given to me was delicious. Oh and I almost forgot, this dish was vegan! 

Banana bread: $15.00
The banana bread is truly for those who love fruit. Patrons have an option of either: coconut jam, peanut butter or Nutella, we chose the coconut jam. When I read 'coconut jam', I immediately thought of kaya, what came to us, in a cute little bowl might I add, was more of a coconut caramel rather than a jam. The coconut caramel was sticky and sweet with a strong coconut flavour. Paired with the generous sized and flavour packed  banana bread, it was a match made in culinary flavours. This vegan (not vegan if you choose Nutella) and gluten free dish came with a colourful platter of fruit next to it. Fruits such as mangoes, cherries, strawberries and slices of orange were included in the dish, it was natural and unrefined and it really made me appreciate the diversity of colours.

I love it when cafes are fully vegetarian or vegan, because at times there is a tendency to not put as much effort into a vegetarian/vegan dish compared to a meat dish, which is clearly noticeable. It's also great to see places like Flora and Fauna that prove you can have delicious food without any meat or animal by-products and without unnecessary unhealthy gunk. So yes, it did taste as good as it looked! The menu seems to change slightly once in awhile, so I'm eager to head back and try out their other dishes. I'm hoping they'll bring back their famous Canadian style French toast. Fingers crossed!

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