Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A Night of Aperol Spritz and Food at Lot 20 with Yelp Perth

Ah what a week this has been! The past couple of days have been jammed packed with running errands, working, blogging, eating and preparing for my end of year trip starting tomorrow! I just came back from a fantastic bloggers event at Lot 20 in Northbridge, hosted by Laura Dew from Yelp Perth. Tonight was a chance to meet other like-minded bloggers/Instgrammers, and to experience what Lot 20 and Yelp has to offer. This was my first time at Lot 20 and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe that came with the establishment. It's a small, friendly bar that also has food that's designed to be shared amongst friends and family. 

Upon arrival, we were offered a Aperol Spritz made by Aren. I'm not a big drinker nor am I very adventurous when choosing drinks, so I had no idea what the drink was going to be like. Before attending the Yelp event, I gathered from Google that Aperol Spritz has three components: three parts prosecco (Italian white wine), two parts of Aperol and one part soda water. I didn't know much except that it was a lovely orange colour. We were given a big balloon glass of Aperol Spritz with lots of ice and it was so refreshing! It reminded me of sangria, they're both similar in a way that they're fruity, sweet and contains wine. The Aperol Spritz was super delicious and a perfect drink for summer, if I ever see this on a drinks menu, I'm definitely going to order it.

Food wise, we were served a variety of Lot 20's dishes. The first was sardine and capsicum on a piece of toast. The thing I've noticed with the dishes at Lot 20, is that it was uncomplicated and they really focused on the flavour of the ingredients. The sardines and capsicum were simple and delicious.

Another fish dish was baked sardines, I wasn't too sure exactly what the dish was, but from what I could gather, there were red onions, capers, some sort of herb and a slice of buttered toast. Again, much like the first dish, it was simple, clean and delicious. I was expecting it to be a cold dish, but to my surprise it was warm and so enjoyable.

The bean salad was a refreshing change from the naturally oily fish. It was a mix of white beans, cherry tomatoes and greens with a tangy vinaigrette. I really enjoyed the texture of the beans, they weren't mushy or soggy, instead they had a bite to them. 

Our last savoury dish was the ricotta gnocchi. I love, love, love gnocchi. The gnocchi at Lot 20 was beautifully plump and pillowy. Slightly different to the other dishes, the gnocchi was cheesy and warm, and such perfect comfort food.

To finish off, we were treated to a board of lemon macaroons. I loved how each individual macaroon looked different, indicating they were made by hand in-house. The shells were crispy on the outside and had the perfect amount of chewiness on the inside. I also really appreciated that it wasn't overly sweet like many macaroons can be. The lemon filling had the perfect balance of sweetness, tartness and lemon flavour. Such a good ending to the night!

Being very new to Yelp, I'm glad I've found it as it's a great way to view user generated content on, not just food places, but other business such as museums, boutiques and so on. Although it's still in the process of setup, check out my Yelp account(click here)!Thank you so much  Laura Dew, Yelp and Lot 20 for hosting a great night and for the invitation. I've met so many more wonderful people in Perth and the night was such a great way to enjoy my last day of summer. I'll be heading to Tokyo, Germany, London and Amsterdam, so stay tuned via my Instagram and blog!
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