Monday, 2 November 2015

Yes, cafes near uni are goooood!

I always forget how close Claremont is to UWA, it's just a ten minute bus ride! Last week, before my tutorial I went to Asado with my mum to have lunch. I love it when cafes have breakfast/brunch menus right till the afternoon, in this case, Asado's breakfast menu runs till 4pm! They're also open for dinner, the night consists of a lot of Argentinian barbecue and alcohol. The cafe itself is lively, airy with large glass windows and an impressive wall of spirits. We decided to sit outside as the weather was fine, and being outdoors always freshens the mind and provides good lighting for photos.  

I was super excited to see the extensive menu, and was spoilt for choice. I ended up ordering the French toast with dulche de leche mascarpone, strawberries and candy hazelnut and a matcha latte with coconut milk (which was at Asado's recommendation). The matcha latte was a beautiful green and I had high expectations, especially with the rather hefty price tag. Unfortunately, the flavours were confusing. I regretted opting for the coconut milk as it took away the complexities of the matcha flavour, it was slightly sweet and smooth, with a little bit of spice from the cinnamon sprinkling on top, slightly artificial from the coconut milk and slightly watery. Very confusing, I couldn't tell if I liked it or not, I didn't think the flavours of matcha and coconut blended very well together, unfortunately it just made things confusing. I think next time, I'll just stick with soy. The French toast was thoroughly enjoyed, it was such a generous serving with two pieces of thick eggy bread, it was crunchy and sugary on the outside whilst retaining a soft and airy centre. The duche de leche mascarpone had the prefect balance between creaminess, lightness and sweetness, and complimented extremely well with the cinnamon sugar encrusted French toast. The fresh strawberries added a tartness and helped cut through the dish, whilst the candy hazelnuts added a crunch. Although it sounds sugary and sweet, the dish had the right amount of sweetness, it wasn't sickly or overpowering, I could still taste the bread, cinnamon and dulce de leche mascarpone elements in the dish. The only thing that bothered me about it was that it was served on a wooden board, although it made the dish look great, personally I don't particularly like wet food sitting on wood. Nonetheless, the dish was simple, so yummy and satisfying!

My mum decided to have the tomato adobo with slow egg, house beans, labne, guacamole and corn chips. This was such a good dish! The egg was perfectly cooked with an oozing yellow centre, and the egg's creaminess balanced out the spicy and tangy tomato adobo. The labne and guacamole added freshness to the dish and the corn chips added crunch and a little something extra. Such a tasty, wholesome dish; flavour and balance were on point. I would definitely make another visit to Asado, I think they have one of the best and versatile menus in Perth, everything sounds so appealing and there are quite a few meat free options!

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