Monday, 9 November 2015

Unpretentious. The Pearfect Pantry Has Character.

I absolutely love The Pearfect Pantry, so much that I kind of want to keep it a secret. This little inconspicuous cafe looks kind of weird and kooky and it's at a strange location, but the place is whole heartedly unpretentious and the food is seriously on point. Boasting a varied range of dishes, including many vegan and vegetarian options, I think The Pearfect Pantry has secured its spot in my top 5.

For breakfast I chose the vegan vanilla waffles that came with homemade berry jam, fresh bananas and strawberries and vegan ice cream. The best element to this dish was the berry jam, it was so delicious with a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.Although it wasn't a Leige waffle (the denser, chewier version, often with sugar crystals on the outside, see La Veen)  the waffle itself was quite solid, it wasn't so airy and spongy like some other places do them, which made them quite filling. The portion was very generous, it might look dainty and small, but it really was a lot! I've never tried vegan ice cream before, and the one served with the waffles was interesting, it was quite hard and it didn't melt the same way ordinary dairy ice cream does, nonetheless it was super tasty and it wasn't heavy at all making it a perfect match for the heavier waffle. Everything went well together, the bananas and strawberries added a freshness and lightness to the dish, there was creaminess, sweetness, a slight tartness and a distinct vanilla taste, and the best thing about it was that it didn't have any animal products in it!

My mum ordered the avocado dukkah that came with two poached eggs, toast and beetroot relish. This dish also went down a treat! The eggs were perfectly poached, the dukkah provided crunchy texture as well as amazing flavour and the avocado was left it it's natural glory. The beet root relish was so tasty, it was slightly sweet and tart that made it the perfect accompaniment to the dish, the only problem was that there wasn't enough of it!

The third dish was the avocado bruschetta with field mushrooms and hashbrowns. If I'm not mistaken and my memory is correct, this dish was also vegan. Again, the serving size was very generous. All the elements in the dish were well done, I was surprised to find that even though there were two hashbrowns, the dish wasn't oily at all and it didn't make us feel glugy. The tomatoes, greens and avocado had cut through the dish and the mushrooms were so juicy and yummy. 

Such good food! We also ordered two soy flat whites and a soy chai latte, both were generous is size and really satisfying.They also have a huge selection of baked vegan goods. I can't wait to go back and I love that it's somewhat close by! I would recommend sitting outside in their little courtyard, the inside is slightly cramped and when we went the only thing bugging us was that the air-con was turned on making the room slightly artificial. It didn't matter though, because the thing I loved most of The Pearfect Pantry was that it was really down to earth, it wasn't flashy, it didn't try to be something they're not, or try to keep up with current 'trends', it's a cafe that has character.

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