Monday, 16 November 2015

Crossing Off Stimulatte On My Cafes To Go List

Stimulatte was on my 'places to go' list and I'm glad I finally went for brunch! The cafe itself is quite small, although the huge windows made it more spacious. We sat inside, in front of the window, it was great watching people go by outside and taking a little peep of what other customers had ordered. The atmosphere was really calm and relaxed, but had a steady pace with people walking about and the coffee machine constantly pumping out coffee. It's a really great place to grab a meal and have conversation without fear of someone overhearing you or being too loud.

With the rise of the matcha trend in Perth, I'm determined to try every cafe's version, because I love matcha lattes. Stimulatte's soy matcha was a green khaki colour, the flavour reminded me of the matcha latte I had at Asado a few weeks back. It had this spice element to it, I couldn't quite place it, I'm thinking it was cinnamon? It was very subtle. I'm still not sure how I feel about the spice flavour, it slightly overpowered the matcha flavour, although the latte itself was quite weak. Personally, I feel like matcha and spices don't mix well together, the flavours are confusing and the spices tend to be on the forefront, I order matcha lattes for the heavenly matcha taste, if I want spice I would order a soy chai latte. It was also slightly glugy at the bottom, it needs a bit of tweaking, it wasn't the best or the worst but it was still enjoyable. The coffee on the other hand it amazing, beautifully presented, it was smooth with an underlying sweet note, so delicious.

I decided to get the ricotta hotcake with maple syrup, oat crumble, fresh strawberries and raspberries and caramel double cream ($17.50). What I love most of all about this breakfast dish, is that it usually comes as one giant delicious hotcake, the one at Stimulatte was no different. It looked so inviting and pretty. The hotcake itself was soft and fluffy, with a slightly crispy edge. It retained it warmth and it was hot when it came out. It was the perfect base for the berry compote, which was delicate and had that perfect amount of sweetness and tartness, which is so crucial to anything dealing with cooked fruit. The oat crumble was a welcomed change of texture with its crunchy clusters. The caramel double cream promised on the menu, didn't come with the dish, instead it was replaced with what I thought was mascarpone. Although I was slightly disappointed about not getting the caramel double cream (which sounded amazing), the mascarpone nonetheless tied the whole dish together. Beware though, the serving is huge! I would recommend sharing this as a sweet treat with someone!

The other dish we ordered was the classic, smashed avo on toast with asparagus, cracked pepper, a poached egg and bernaise ($18.00). There was a lot of cracked pepper! Which was a good thing because we both love pepper and it wasn't overpowering either. The egg was poached beautifully, and the cooked asparagus retained its crunch and snap and the bernaise added a creamy element to the otherwise fresh dish. Really simple, but delicious.
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