Monday, 7 September 2015

Weekly Photoset | Moores Art Gallery Fremantle

I found the most amazing building in Fremantle: Moores Art Gallery. The space is just incredible! High ceilings, wide open area, white painted brick walls that added texture and age to the setting. I can totally imagine having a Kinfolk-esque dinner party there with all the goods: long wooden table, dimmed lights, lit candles in glass jars, delicate bush flowers for decoration, flax linen, antique silverware, metal silver chairs, twinkly lights and so on. I wonder if they ever hire out the place? The other day we went art gallery hopping in Fremantle and came across Moores. The exhibition we saw was based on the use of nuclear energy, a lot of the works upstairs featured posters protesting the saying NO NUKES. It was very spacious and calm.