Thursday, 17 September 2015

Signature Waffle vs Belgian Waffle at La Veen Coffee

I have an obsession with waffles. They're my go to breakfast item, heck they're my go to dish. Any day, any time I'm up for waffles. If they're on the menu there is no doubt that I will order them. I went to La Veen on Kings Street on two occasions a couple of weeks ago and on both visits I ordered the two waffles on offer.

The two waffles La Veen has are the Signature Waffle and the Belgian Waffle. If I can remember correctly, the Belgian Waffle is only available during breakfast, whereas the Signature Waffle is available all day. The Signature Waffle had a lot of elements: popping candy, melted chocolate, chocolate chips, berry compote, caramel ice cream, fresh strawberries, some sort of fruity curd and mascarpone. It was all a bit too much. The dish was so busy and alive with flavours that it all kind of got lost. Each element tasted wonderful on its own, but the whole thing all together was just overly sweet. It was a shame that there was too much sugar, I felt like the compote needed to be more tart rather than sugary and the chocolate overloaded the dish. The waffle was caramelised, slightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, the addition of popping candy (which seems to be getting very popular) was fun and exciting and the caramel ice cream was so deliciously rich! 

The Belgian Waffle on the other hand went down a treat! It was beautifully presented with mascarpone, micro herbs, mini pastel meringues, berries and honey. Not only was it beautifully colourful, but the sweetness level was just right. When I visited for the second time, I was afraid that the dish was going to be too sweet like their Signature Waffle, but I wasn't! The fruit elements on the dish had that tartness the other waffle was lacking, and combined with the creaminess of the mascarpone and the subtle sweetness of honey, the balance was just right. The only negative thing about the dish was the dried strawberries and the raisin looking fruit, although this is just a personal thing as I dislike dried fruit. I absolutely loved the little meringues, they made the dish playful and more aesthetically pleasing.

Clearly, I recommend getting the Belgian Waffle, but keep in mind that they're only available during breakfast hours. If you up for a sugary treat, by all means order the Signature Waffle as it'll satisfy sugar cravings. Other dishes had on my two visits included: the oat porridge, which was mediocre; vegetarian bagel with chips and aioli, which was filling and yummy; and the pumpkin and quinoa salad, which was delicious but pricey for what we got. The people working there were super nice and the coffee is always good. Also, I thought I would mention, the ventilation wasn't that great in there, it wasn't a bad smell and we quickly forgot about it, but we left smelling like food which wasn't very pleasant. I think the next time I visit I'll have to try something from their baked selection!

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