Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Hightlighting Deep Fried and Oily Goods at East Village Perth

Chilli battered onion rings with lemon aioli: $8.00. Fish Burger no longer on the online menu?
After a steady five hour shift at work my mum, sister and myself decided to have a late dinner on Friday in the city. With the relatively new 140 Perth alive and well, we decided to try out East Village. The prospect of a New York style diner was intriguing and the mounting popularity of the place seemed like the ideal choice. Being Friday night, the placed was packed to the brim with people lining up outside. Although East Village looks big on the outside, it actually isn't. Being so packed and busy, it was also super loud with people kicking back and gearing for the weekend ahead. We were seated within ten or fifteen minutes outside. The seating was slightly awkward as we were facing the queue and it felt slightly disjointed from the commotion and liveliness of the inside, however it was nice in a way that it was slightly more quiet.

Queens pizza: $20.00
For some reason we weren't given any drinks menu, I'm not sure if it was because we were outside, but we ordered soda water, Nudie apple and orange juice from our friendly waitress. The menu at East Village is New York styled food at it's finest, they've got burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, deep fried goods, ribs and so on, however they have limited vegetarian options. We decided to order the chilli battered onion rings with lemon aioli, the Queens pizza and the fish burger with thick cut chips. The onion rings were so good when they first came out, piping hot, crispy and crunchy on the outside and the onion on the inside was thick, juicy and sweet. Strangely the lemon aioli didn't have any lemon flavour, it tasted like ordinary aioli, and another element that was lacking was the chilli in the batter, it seemed non-existent. It was hard to finish the onion rings as they were so heavy and rich, after awhile they became sickening, which is not surprising by looking at the amount of oil in the batter. The fish burger looked so good when it was set in front of us on a paddle board with thick-cut fries, and a glorious sesame topped bun. The fish was cooked perfectly and encased in a crunchy batter, along with the soft bun, fresh cos lettuce, and creamy aioli it went down a treat. The chips were really enjoyable as well! The Queens pizza was topped with roasted sweet potato and pumpkin, feta, basil oil, garlic and rosemary. I loved how the pizza was cut in to huge slices, the flavours were well rounded and enjoyable but it didn't have any wow factor, it was just the standard vegetarian option pizza with none other than pumpkin. The basil oil was slightly overpowering as it masked the other ingredients and it needed a zingyness or freshness to cut through the grease and heavy ingredients. Overall, dinner at East Village was pretty average, personally a lot of their dishes are quite oily and heavy, making the experience slightly uncomfortable, but the ideas and the dishes they have on offer are brilliant, a few tweaks here and there in the execution would seriously give this place a boost. Even though dinner wasn't top notch, I still want to go back to East Village and try out their breakfast and late night dessert menu!

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