Monday, 3 August 2015

Subtlety at Pixel Coffee, Leederville

We decided to go to Pixel Coffee mainly due to the frequent photos that kept popping up on my Instagram dashboard (@everyday_weekends), it looked so promising and so pretty. The day we went, although I can't really recall was super busy and bustling with commotion. The waiting time, which was around ten to twenty minutes was due to the fact that Pixel Coffee is tiny. To compensate for room, many people had to share tables, for example there were two parties of two that sat on a four person table. There's also a bar table and a long high table at the back that seated around twelve people. Pixel has a clean and simple aesthetic that produces a somewhat calming mood amidst the busyness of the popular cafe. We were seated at the back on the sharing table. While the three of us didn't mind sharing a table, it would have been more pleasant to have our own table as the party sitting next to us were obnoxiously loud and frantic.

Despite the annoyances of the people next to us we enjoyed our breakfast. All three of us decided to order three different dishes to taste the range of Pixel's flavours. I ordered the sweet French toast that came with blackberries, fresh bananas and chocolate mascarpone. I really enjoyed the subtle sweetness of the dish, it wasn't too overpowering or heavy. The chocolate mascarpone was my favourite element in the dish, it was creamy and light, and full of chocolatey flavour. The taste kind of reminded me of Dutch cocoa? Not at all sugary like a block of chocolate, but the earthiness and subtle sweetness of hot cocoa. It went perfectly well with a soy latte and the addition of micro herbs made the dish so pretty to look at.

The second dish we had were the stormy mushrooms, which was made up of warm polenta, a mix of sautéed mushroom, kale and poached eggs. Again, the flavours were rather gentle and not overbearing making it a pleasant dish. The eggs were perfectly runny and oozy making the dish rich and creamy. Very simple but tasty flavours!

The last dish we had was the pumpkin plate which consisted of herbed ricotta, poached eggs, roasted kent pumpkin, seeds and toast. The dish was very homely and satisfying with perfectly poached eggs. The herbed ricotta wasn't as punchy in flavour as what I thought it would be, it didn't have any other prominent flavours other than the creaminess of the ricotta. 

I'd definitely come back to Pixel Coffee as I really want to try one of their baked goods! If you're an avid foodie on Instagram then you would have seen frequent photos of their beautiful cakes. They so look so delicious I can't wait to try one! I definitely recommend coming in on a week day when it's not too over crowded, that way you'll be able to relax, eat and absorb the aesthetics of the cafe.

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