Friday, 14 August 2015

Poaching Problems | Roasting Warehouse

I completely forgot that I went to eat breakfast at Roasting Warehouse in South Fremantle, but I came across these photos on my phone the other day and I wish I had done this blog post early as it would have been more fresh in my mind. Even though it was months ago I do recall this outing, the weather was dry and crisp, in between the seasons, cool but warm in the sunlight. The cafe was bustling on that Friday morning as we sat outside. 

As we looked over the menu, I instantly picked the waffles with poached quince, mascarpone and maple syrup. I have a feeling there was some sort of nutty crumble but I can't recall what it was. I absolutely loooooove waffles. If it's ever on the menu, you can bet all of your possessions that I'll pick it. There's just something I love about it, I feel as though it's lighter than pancakes but still so fulfilling, and the concave dips act as a spoon carrying the perfect amount of accompaniments. The waffles at Roasting Warehouse were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, it was light and airy and it did the most brilliant job at soaking up the maple syrup. The poached quince wasn't the best. Poaching is super tricky, it all depends on the fruit itself, the time it's in the poaching liquid, what's in the poaching liquid and all these other factors. Unfortunately, the poached quince wasn't to my liking, although the texture was lovely, it lacked subtle sweetness and that hint of freshness. There's this certain category of poached fruits, regardless of where you get it from that tastes the same, it's slightly bitter, with a flavour verging on dried fruits, I'm not sure what it is but I don't like it. Another example of this certain poached fruit flavour is the poached pear in Typika's cast iron pancakes. Nonetheless I still ate it, but I found myself eating the quince at one shot to get it over and done with. Besides from the quince, the flavour combination of waffles, maple syrup, mascarpone and crumble were delicious!

I can't recall what the other two dishes were like, one was a chicken sandwich and the other was corn bread with a lot bacon. Ah, yes I remember, I wanted a juice but their juicer was broken that day so I settled for a mango smoothie that had coconut milk in it. It was okay, although the coconut milk made it heavier than what I would have liked it to be. I wouldn't mind returning to Roasting Warehouse and getting their waffles again. I've seen on Instagram that there's been slight variations to the waffles, one of the more recent photos shows that the quince has been replaced by peaches!

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