Monday, 31 August 2015

One of my Favourite Cafe Breakfast Dishes at Gusto Food

Most of the times nowadays I usually get cafe recommendations through Instagram. I remember seeing Gusto Food through my feed ages ago and it slowly disappeared as other contenders took the Instagram limelight. Nonetheless, when we were heading south of the river a few weeks back, I distinctly remembered Gusto Food on Angelo Street and I knew we had to stop by for breakfast. Driving past the little cafe and trying to find parking, the cafe was already packed with a rather hefty queue waiting patiently outside. Walking through Angelo Street made me feel like I was walking through a quaint town, as if  we were on a long weekend trip down south. Gusto Food had this homely and friendly feel to it that doubled our gratitude. Surprisingly we were seated quickly outside towards the side, in front of the florist. The staff were super friendly and efficient, and they were also offering little bites of their baked goods to people waiting in line!

Home made crumpets - pear & berries, peanut gravel, yoghurt: $13.50

I already knew what to order, the homemade crumpets with peanut gravel, yoghurt, berries and pear, due to brilliant photos I saw prior on Instagram. I can say without doubt that this is one of my favourite breakfast dishes I've had at a cafe. The elements on its own were delicious; the crumpets were warm and toasty, with the most perfectly soft centre that had a bite to it; the yoghurt was sweet, creamy and light; the berries and pear has the perfect balance of sweet and tart; and the peanut gravel was buttery, salty, crunchy and basically peanut heaven. All together it was just sooo good, the idea of the dish is simple, the flavours worked so well together with a perfect balance of sweetness, tartness, creaminess and saltiness. Yes. Great stuff. There was an unanimous vote that this was the best dish of the morning. 

French cinnamon toast - bacon, banana, maple berry compote, honeycomb: $15.50
My mum had the French cinnamon toast with banana, maple berry compote, honeycomb and bacon. When it came out we were blown away by the sheer size of the dish! We were worried that it would be overly sweet, but this wasn't the case. It didn't taste sugary, but it was rather a gentle and natural sweetness. On the downside there was way too much bacon. For starters, we actually rarely eat meat, but unfortunately due to the demand alteration to dishes can not be done, it clearly states this on their menu.

Scrambled free range eggs on toast: $11.50
The third dish we had was a simple scrambled eggs on toast. The eggs were peppery, fluffly and soft, however the toast was slightly too brown. Very simple, not mind blowing or exciting, but is what it is.

Soy latte: $4.40
I desperately want to go back to Gusto Food and eat their crumpets again, but at the same time I want to try out their lunch menu because from what I've seen on Zomato, it looks promising! The only downside I could pick up from our visit to Gusto Food was that they don't use Bonsoy (although this is a personal preference) and the fact that they don't alter their dishes, however the devotion the staff shows through giving samples out to waiting diners and their friendly warmth makes up for this. On a monetary note, if you take a look at the pricing, this is another reason to visit this little cafe, it's pretty reasonable if you ask me!

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