Friday, 24 July 2015

Weekly Photoset | 2015 Winter Vacation

Holiday Moleskine journal
Due to my new job, I spent a good chunk of my winter holiday in the city.
Wolf Lane is such a nice place to be. Perth is getting prettier and more interesting by the day.
Maccha (matcha) lattes are my life, when done right. This one was from Moana in the city, it was so-so, too weak and unbalanced.
As usual I have slacked off with blogging and my weekly photo sets, I'm not even surprised. It's nearing the end of July and the end of winter vacation, where has time gone? I start semester two of my second year at university and I seriously have no idea where this holiday has gone. To come to think of it, I think this is the first time in three or so years that I've stayed in Perth for the duration of the winter vacation. In 2014 I was in hilly and tropical Chiang Mai; in 2013 I spent three months in the hot and humid summer of Tokyo; and the year before that in 2012 I basked in the Thai sun in Koh Samui. 2011 I can't recall clearly, but it is very possible that I spent that winter vacation in Malaysia for my cousin's wedding (not too sure about the dates). Although I was a little bummed that we didn't go anywhere this time around, this 2015 winter vacation was somewhat productive. I got a new job in the city and according to my calendar I frequently went out to cafes and restaurants, and I also bought new clothes for my new work. During the vacation, I also started an art journal, the idea was to draw a minimum of one page a day and to fill out the Moleskine by the end of the winter holidays. I think I'll post some pictures of the journal in another post soon. This holiday also consisted of drinking my body weight in home made maccha (matcha) lattes. Before the semester break was worried that this holiday was going to be mind numbingly boring and inactive, but it turned out to be rather great!