Saturday, 6 June 2015

Super Overdue Visit to Mary Street Bakery

 I'm a bit late to jump on the Mary Street Bakery bandwagon, I mean to this day I still haven't tried their famous salted caramel doughnut, or any of their doughnuts for that matter, but nonetheless a month or so ago we decided to have lunch at the ever so busy cafe. It was a Sunday afternoon and the cafe was packed, we had to wait about ten or fifteen minutes before we were seated, which goes to show how popular Mary Street Bakery is.

I ordered the veggie baked eggs with crispy chickpeas, ancho chilli, greens and yoghurt, it also came with some toasted sourdough and a cute pack of French butter. This dish would be a godsend to eat during chilly winter days, especially with that chilli kick! The sauce was spicy and tangy and so good to mop up with that bread, the yoghurt added a freshness, creaminess and it also counteracted the spice. I love, love crispy chickpeas, it added flavour, heartiness and texture to the dish, so good. The only downfall of this dish, was the eggs. They weren't baked properly, they were sadly overcooked. I was so excited to pierce my fork in to the yolk and gently stir it in to the tomato base, but I couldn't. Although this slightly detracted away from the overall dish, the spicy tomato base made up for it. Hopefully the over cooked egg isn't a frequent occurrence because I really want to have this dish again, especially with the weather cooling down.

We also ordered the gingerbread with quince, pistachio and mascapone. Although slightly more on the expensive side, this dish was pleasantly sweet, the bread was soft, moist and so lovely, but what I loved most about it was the crispy bottom. You know how great brownies have that almost crunchy edge to them? It was like that but on the base of the gingerbread. The texture was superb and it was a great dish to have with coffee.

If there was one dish that I would not recommend at Mary Street Bakery, it would be the coconut rice with pineapple, passion fruit, lime, mint and shallot. This dish was plain weird, we couldn't wrap our heads around it. When I saw the word shallot in the menu, for some reason I thought it would be something exotic that was finely cut, but no, it wasn't, it was actually fried onions. All elements on the plate were tasty, but by themselves, not together. It wasn't sweet, it wasn't salty, I don't even know how to describe it. I've never tasted anything like it. I think they were trying to create Asian flavours, you know with the sweet element, a salty one and some sourness, but it just didn't work. I don't really know if I disliked or liked the dish which goes to show how strange it was.

We finished off with some chai lattes and more coffee, and I wish I hadn't. The chai latte was flavourless, it was basically warm milk with the tiniest, barely recognisable hint of chai flavour. Oh wow, this blog post started off so positive and just went down. Don't be put off, because Mary Street Bakery really does have some wonderful things, and I've heard their baked items are to die for. Just watch out for some dishes that are a bit of a hit and miss.

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