Monday, 6 April 2015

The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery

 A few weeks ago we went out for lunch at The Hardware Store in Scarborough. For drinks we ordered a chai smoothie, a tropical smoothie and a green juice. They were all refreshing and delicious. The menu at The Hardware Store is quite extensive, however, besides from the fridge selections they only had two meat-free choices from the lunch menu. Although the choices for us were limiting, the vegetarian dishes they offered were delicious. 

One of the dishes was the 'Bun Haters Veggie Burger' which was a yummy chickpea, lentil and mushroom patty with mixed greens, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, curry mayo and beetroot relish. The serving was huge which I was thankful for. All the flavours mixed so well together, the heartiness of the patty, the freshness and bite of the greens and beetroot relish, so, so good. The curry mayo was superb as well, and this is coming from a person who normally hates mayo (I think the curry flavour masked the mayo!!). I would definitely have this again. The price tag attached to this dish isn't too bad either!

The other dish was the Summer Salad, which was a wonderful mix of mixed greens, asparagus, orange, pomegranate, blueberries, avocado, cherry tomatoes, shaved fennel, marinated feta and flaked almonds. I really love it when the humble salad is pimped up which is exactly what The Hardware Store did. The flavour combinations just worked so well together, there was a little bit of everything, sweet, tangy, salty, sour, creamy, the right amount of acidity, crunch and softness. The huge chunks of feta were delightfully creamy and salty, and who doesn't love pomegranate in a salad? They're like tiny pink jewels that burst with sweetness.

I'm so glad we found The Hardware Store, they're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it's always nice to eat out at a cafe or restaurant that's not all the way in the city. All the other cafes around Scarborough have become boring or too expensive which is unfortunate, but not The Hardware Store. The interior of the cafe is much like it's name, with rusty hardware tools attached to the walls and wooden crate looking tables, it has a rustic appeal. The cafe was bustling and overcrowded, the three of us were seated at a two person table which made everything claustrophobic. I didn't particularly like the atmosphere and the decor, this was because it was a bit too busy and closed in, I think the place would be so much better if it was a bit more open and spacious, but thankfully the food made up for it.

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