Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sprolo was Pretty Average

Sprolo has been talked about a lot recently and I've seen many photos on Instagram so I was really excited to try it out. The one thing that got me excited was the prospect of trying their house made kaya! For those who don't know what kaya is, it's an Asian coconut type spread that is made with sugar and eggs. Kaya reminds me of my childhood where we bought plastic tubs from the local deli and ate it with white bread or buttered toast or just by itself. The only time I have kaya is when I go to a kopitiam back in Malaysia, but if I could I would have it everyday.

The inside of Sprolo is spacious and bright and it was bustling with people chatting, the espresso machine exasperating and all the usual cafe noise. For breakfast, my sister ordered the waffles that came with cream, bananas, some sort of crumble and maple (could have been salted caramel??). This is the sort of dish to satisfy your sweet cravings, and it wasn't sickly sweet which was a bonus. There was a nice crunch from the crumble and the flavours were all enjoyable, it was a pretty decent dish, it didn't have any wow factor though which was unfortunate. 

I had the Traditional Singaporean Breakfast which was toast, two sous vide eggs, butter and their kaya. It also came with some dark soy sauce and white pepper for the eggs, which by the way was perfect. I would have preferred normal soy sauce as it wasn't salty enough for me. The kaya wasn't what I expected, I thought it was going to be smooth and have the consistency of whipped peanut butter, but it was grainy and somewhat chunky from all the coconut. The flavour was delicate and aromatic and tasted great, but I wish there was more of it on the plate. The butter came in little packs that you usually get from hotel buffets or Dome or something, which was rather strange.

My mum had the smashed peas and edamame on toast. We all agreed that this was our least favourite. There was too much garlic and we couldn't really taste any of the other flavours on the plate which was a shame. It had such pretty colours though.

So, it was pretty average, food wise which was disappointing. The atmosphere and the people working there were all great, but the food fell short. They also specialise in coffee, which tasted amazing. Since Sprolo is all the way in South Perth, I don't think I'll purposely make a trip down there to have a meal, however if I was in the area wanting coffee, then I'd definitely get one from Sprolo.

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