Friday, 10 April 2015

Finally!! Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park

I finally got to try out Harvest Espresso!! I've heard so many good things about this place through Instagram and blogs, their seasonal menus, creativity and food have been raved about constantly and I'm so glad it lived up to my expectations. First of all, the place is super tiny making it hard to get a table. We were seated immediately seeing as it was a Thursday afternoon, although apparently there's a hefty queue during the weekends!

Harvest Espresso changes their menu every season which I personally think is a great thing because nothing gets boring and you can keep coming back. Their autumn menu has a wide variety of choices to suit any tastes, there's grilled squid, smoked cod, cauliflower, waffles and the usual breakfast and lunch items like eggs and sandwiches. For a drink I had to have one of their maccha (matcha) lattes. It was such a lovely green colour and the bitterness was just right, I could have had it sweeter though.

I decided to get the waffles, actually I think I already subconsciously decided on them before after seeing so many pretty pictures of it. Along with the waffles, there was a generous serving of jasmine tea cream, poached pears, maple syrup, bergamot gel and seasonal fruits. What the menu didn't mention was the surprising addition of popping candy. This added a playful twist to the dish and it brought me back to my childhood. The dish was so delicately pretty and colourful. The waffles were crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, the perfect body to soak up maple syrup. I was a bit hesitant but curious about the jasmine tea cream as I've never tasted it before, but it turned out to be wonderful. It's so delicate with a hint of sweetness, it was the perfect accompaniment to the other elements on the plate. The pear was poached to perfection, it was soft and juicy and not at all mushy, and it didn't have that awful cooked fruit taste that a lot of poached pears seem to have. I didn't really notice the bergamot gel as it was a swipe on the plate, but this wasn't an issue. Everything on the plate was just delicious, there were no faults in the dish, it was rather perfect.

The other dish we had was the roasted cauliflower that came with almond nasturtiums, whipped goats cheese cream, two slow cooked eggs and crispy kataifi. Again, the presentation was on point, it was so delicate and somewhat trendy in today's food scene with the addition of colourful edible flowers. The cauliflower would have been perfect if it was more crunchy, it wasn't a mush as it still held it's shape but it was quite soft. Nevertheless, the mixture of flavours and textures were wonderful, and it got me thinking of this other cauliflower dish I had at The Red Cabbage last month that did not come close to the one at Harvest Espresso. The slow cooked eggs were perfectly runny and rich and the katifi, which are crispy strands of filo pastry added a delightful crunch.

The food at Harvest Espresso is not at all ordinary, it's different, it's experimental and a lot of elements in their dishes are unique and not found at many cafes. I was reading a couple of negative comments on Urbanspoon, which I didn't really understand and it surprised me. It seems like a lot of people got fed up with the waiting time?? Even though I didn't have to wait for a table, I wouldn't mind waiting because in my opinion, the food is worth the wait. There were also comments about how the food was unappealing? Totally doesn't make any sense to me. I'm thinking maybe it's because the food is so different and not the usual dishes served at other cafes, like eggs benedict or something with pulled pork? Well, people do have different palates and tastes, so if you're looking for different and non-traditional dishes that are delicious Harvest Espresso is the place to go.

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