Tuesday, 7 April 2015

An Abundance of Convenience Stores in Japan

The one thing that overwhelms me every time I go back to Japan is the amount of snacks on offer. It's not even just the huge amount of different type of snacks but the different brands and flavours that completely changes the food item into something slightly different, so you have a few variations in the one product. The worst part is, that they're all so addictive. And to make it even more worse, it's available almost everywhere, due to the convenience stores at every intersection. 7 Eleven, Family Mart, Lawson, Daily Yamazaki ectera ectera, they're everywhere, and it's impossible to not go in to one when visiting Japan. They just make life and especially travelling so much easier. You're bound to buy some junk food or packaged hot meals while waiting for someone or something, or taking it on to a bullet train if you're travelling. You can find almost everything at a konbini (Japanese).

Although not all of these things were bought at a convenience store, you can still find a version or brand that is sold at a convenience store. Starting from the left upper most corner:

Evian water: I actually bought this at the local Spatio near my grandmother's house, the drinks in Japan come in every shape and size possible. I brought this back with me because it's the perfect size to carry around.

Kyo no karinto: This is a fancier version of the humble karinto which is a crunchy but chewy cracker like snack that is covered in a sweet brown glaze. It's reminiscent of poop, but trust me it tastes really good. I prefer the more expensive fancier ones because they're more refined and not as sugary, but the cheaper ones you can get from a konbini are as addictive.

Campus notebook: Bought at a hundred Yen store. One place you have to go to is a decent quality hundred Yen store. You can find almost everything there for the price of a hundred and eight Yen: key chains, cutlery, wool, gardening supplies, gloves, notebooks, stationery, the list is endless.

Toppo: Anyone who knows we well know that my number favourite snack is Toppo. It's a must for me when I go back to Japan. I like to view it as a distant cousin or brother of the more popular Pocky. Toppo is basically an inside out version of Pocky. The outside is a crunchy pretzel and the inside is a creamy chocolate.

Certina watch: Definitely not from a convenience store, I just thought it looked pretty in the flatlay. I'm sure you can buy a decent watch or clock from a convenience store though, it just shows how versatile the items on sale are.

Origami notepad: Representation of the things you can buy from a konbini that will ease your boredom and help you get organized.

Tissues: Although you can buy fancy packet tissues, you could easily get a free one from sales people on the street that come with an advertisement for a particular place or service.

Shiroi koibito: Literally translated as 'white lover', it's a European style biscuit sandwiched together by white chocolate . It's mainly sold in Sapporo in the northern most island of Japan, but you can buy it from any souvenir store. 

Unagi pai: Translated as 'eel pie'. My grandmother received these as a present from her friend. It's basically a sugary palmier that contains eel extract. It's sweet and crunchy and there's a slight hint of eel. It's really yummy! The package says it's a night time snack because it gives you energy???

Asahi and Kirin beer: Bought these little guys because they're so cute. I brought them back and now they're being displayed in my room, I don't think I'll end up drinking them.

Tomorokoshi senbei: Translated as 'corn cracker'. I bought these in the airport in Hokkaido. There are a gazillion flavours available to try when it comes to rice crackers. You can get traditional ones like salt or soy sauce with a little bit of seaweed, but you can also get consomme, curry, corn potage and other weird flavours.

Karikari senbei: Translated as 'curry, curry cracker', Japanese curry is my favourite. I'm pretty sure I can live on it for the rest of my life. In fact, I love all curries. If there's a curry flavoured snack I can guarantee that I'll buy it.

Pencil case: Bought this from Muji, which is also a must if you're heading to Japan. They sell everything, snacks, clothes, furniture, make up, and other things. Everything is simple and clean and in accordance to their aesthetics.

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