Friday, 13 February 2015

Dainty & Nostalgic Mrs S

Mrs S is such a cute little place, it's small and quaint that screams with nostalgia. On a Sunday we went to have lunch, at Mrs S there's an all day breakfast menu along with a few lunch items. The menus are clipped on to vintage Golden Books that you've probably encountered when you were a kid, which brought up memories of the past. 

The three of us shared two meals from the all day breakfast menu and a slice of a pear and nectarine cake (which was so fresh and light!). I ordered the smashed avocado with a poached egg, rocket, pine nuts, harrisa, pesto and feta on a piece of baguette. It was slightly hard to eat because the bread was so luscious and thick and everything just fell apart. I sometimes think I'm incapable of eating properly with a knife and fork because I always make a mess of things. The avocado was fresh and so tasty, which went went with the perfectly cooked creamy egg. It was a great combination of flavours and I would definitely have this again. So simple and executed so well with brilliant flavours.

At the moment there's a pannacotta rage. I've seen so many pretty pictures on Instagram showing many cafes serving it as a breakfast item. It's always so daintily pretty, with many bright colours. The pannacotta at Mrs S was no exception. It came out surrounded with colourful summer stone fruits, a little sprinkling of gluten free granola and a perfect pannacotta in the middle. The pannacotta was rosewater flavoured, and to my absolute surprise I loved it. I rarely like rosewater, I've always found it too strong and heady. But the flavour in the creamy pannacotta was just right! It was smooth, creamy and delicately sweet.

 Overall, Mrs S was great and I'm eager to come back and try out their other dishes. One pointer however, is that I wouldn't come back on a Sunday because it was just too loud, hectic and busy. I wasn't in the mood to be hyped up by the surrounding energy, so the noise and the busy movements just made it hard to think properly. But it was a Sunday afternoon during the holidays so that sort of environment at a popular cafe is the norm.

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