Thursday, 29 January 2015

Weekly Photoset | Sensing Snow in Hokkaido, Japan

Hakodate on Christmas Day

Sapporo | Snow Brand Parlour


Somewhere between Hakodate and Sapporo on the train.
On Christmas day we took a plane up to Hokkaido and I'd have to say that the three days we spent there were the most memorable because of the snow. I've seen snow before, however, the amount of snow we saw in Hokkaido was unbelievable. The snow was powdery and soft and it made everything look so clean, fresh, pure and bright. When it was snowing, my senses woke up: the sound of snow falling on my hood and the crunch of walking on snow and ice, the powdery coldness of snow, constricted pupils due to the clarity and brightness of everything blanketed in white. It was truly amazing. We flew to Hakodate first and then took a train to Sapporo. Things we  ate/drunk: milk, parfaits, ramen and seafood.