Monday, 1 December 2014

Weekly Photosets | Aquamarine Waters

I've been wanting to broaden my blog in terms of content for awhile now. The majority of posts are food related although there are a few travel posts, although these are aren't really constant because I don't travel 24/7, as much as I would love to. I've done a couple of book related posts, and there's more to come because I recently ordered twelve books from Booktopia which I intend to review. So, now I want to blog about photography, or rather post pictures of my photography. I've tried to delve into photography with monthly Instax photos that failed because I lacked dedication, but I really want to commit to a weekly or monthly post that circles around a similar theme.

Which comes to this, a weekly photo set! I'm not sure if I'm up to the challenge though, I can be incredibly lazy. Perhaps I'll do casual photo sets for the rest of the year and then in 2015 I'll really commit in weekly photos? That could be my new years resolution! I'm leaving for Tokyo in the beginning of December, and I won't have access to constant wifi which is a shame because that means I won't be able to properly blog. Although I should be able to post some photos on Instagram! I'll have to schedule some posts so that my blog won't look so empty during the trip.

In celebration of the first official day of summer, this week's photoset are the photographs I took at the beach last week.  It was a glorious day, 36 degrees, the sun shining and the water was still, calm and so, so blue. My sister and I took a trip down to the local beach around 9AM, so it wasn't overly crowded. The beach we went to was a small, rocky area with a big section of reef that blocked the waves making the water really calm. The water was so blue, clear and so refreshing. It was perfect.