Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Weekly Photoset | A Week in Japan

An soft serve stall in Enoshima that sells all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours like: chestnut, rum and raisin, acai and so on!
Ramen at Nagoya Station
This plate shop on Enoshima Island was selling these for only 200 Yen! That's roughly two dollars!
This road near my grand-aunt's place looked like it had snowed, but it was just rocks??
Mini taiyaki filled with red bean paste and topped with soft serve and syrup!
I'm finally in Japan! Even though I've been to Japan quite a number of times, I still can't get over how everything is so different and amazing. There's always something new to see, eat or do whenever I come back. I don't have much time or energy to properly blog, so here's a quick Weekly Photoset containing photos that I've taken the past week. Time goes by so fast! We've already been here for a week! Over that week, we went to my mum's aunty's house near Yokohama to stay for a few nights, we've been eating a lot (meals, snacks, everything and all the time!!), we went to Enoshima Island and now we're in Nagoya for the night, and tomorrow we're off again towards Takayama.