Sunday, 21 December 2014

Weekly Photoset | Traveling in Japan

Shirakawago | The snow!! We stayed in one of those houses for a night.
Kyoto | This is the ofu (gluten things??? I'm not too sure) store in the Nishiki Markets.
Eki-ben, which translates to train bento. I had this for dinner on the Shinkansen, it had nine compartments with three types of rice, pickles, fish, vegetables and other yummy goodness.
Osaka | This area in Shinsaibashi is famous for the Glico sign, it was so crowded with people posing for photos in the same fashion as the sign.
Osaka | I took this photo of a crossing in Shinsaibashi which is a great place for shopping!
Since we bought the JR Pass that allowed us to unlimitedly travel on any JR Line for a week, we decided to do a little traveling. So we took the Shinkansen and various trains and stopped by Nagoya, Takayama, Shirakawago, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Osaka and Shin-Osaka. We ate a lot of food (what's new?) and saw, walked and did a lot of things. We travelled in a time frame of six days, which made things a bit rushed. Although I'm glad that we did because we got to see so many things! The most memorable place was probably Shirakawago, which is a UNESCO protected area. It's an old town that has these traditional wooden houses. We stayed in a traditional minshuku (Japanese style inn), where I had the worst time trying to sleep because it was too hot with all the heaters. It was so memorable because it was so beautiful, with all the white snow! I've never seen so much snow, it was seriously amazing.