Friday, 28 November 2014

The Most Amazing Orange and Almond Cake from Lush, Mt Hawthorn

 Lush Fresh Food & Coffee is a cute little cafe that offers up a lot of vegetarian options. It's so small and ambiguous and reminds me of secret hideouts. The seating area is an outdoor shaded courtyard through a fringed door. It's secluded, quiet and somewhat tropical, with leafy potted plants everywhere. I ordered a cold pressed strawberry, watermelon and apple juice, which was so refreshing, light and sweet.

For lunch I ordered the potato and quinoa ball that came with a side salad and some tomato relish. The dish was so peculiar looking! The ball itself was slightly bland, but with the relish and salad it tasted really good It was crunchy on the outside and hot and moist on the inside. It's the kind of dish that fills you up without it being too heavy.
We shared the quinoa ball between the two of us, and we also ordered a slice of orange and almond gluten free cake. This was the highlight of the afternoon. The cake came warmed up with some double cream, making me so, so happy because cafes rarely warm up their cakes. The cake was so moist and fresh. It was filled with fresh orange zest flavour with subtle flavours of almond, and it was all sticky and shiny from the slight layer of syrup over the cake. It wasn't too sickly sweet and combined with the cold double cream, it was a match made in heaven. Oh Lordy, I can't get over how fresh it was, it was so delicious, I'd definitely order this again, actually I'd buy the whole cake!
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