Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sunday Lunch at Boho Espresso in Scarborough

Last Sunday, we decided to have lunch but we didn't know exactly where to go. As we were driving along we suddenly spotted the Topshop van heading in the opposite direction! We quickly made a u-turn and followed them, got out of the car, walked towards them and we were offered a Topshop goodie bag! The new Topshop at Carillion just opened last Friday, and what Topshop did was they had this double decker like bus plastered with editorial shots of Cara Delevigne, that went around town, handing out freebies! In our goodie bag was make up, a Topman magazine and a gift voucher! The voucher ranges from twenty dollars to five hundred dollars!!! It doesn't tell you how much you have, part of their marketing strategy is for you to find out yourself at the new store. How exciting! Anyway, I'm getting slightly side tracked, but the run in with the Topshop bus lead us to having a lunch at Boho Espresso. We've been to Boho before, but the menu has changed since we were last there.

All the dishes at Boho have fun and quirky names, which are great and also makes it easier to order! Sadly, I can't remember the name of my lunch, if anyone knows please message me or comment below! My dish was corn bread, with beetroot hummus, labneh, fresh ham, poached eggs and sprouts. The mention of corn bread got me really excited because I love bread and corn separately as much as I do with them together. However, the dish was slightly disappointing. It just didn't have that, 'oh my God' factor. I think it was sitting on the counter top for a while too, because it wasn't hot, it was room temperature. I loved the taste of the beetroot and the labneh, they were so creamy and delicious. There was a nice kick of garlic too! The eggs were poached well, albeit not perfect making the dish slightly dry. The presentation was beautiful, which upped the overall experience. I would have preferred it without the ham, just because of personal preference.

My sister had the Baroness, which was a spiced French toast, with rhubarb, cacao nibs and ricotta. The size of it was shocking! In a good way of course. Despite its size, the dish was quite easy to eat, as in it wasn't overly sweet or sickening. The rhubarb added a bit of a tang and freshness to the dish and combined with the spices and ricotta it tasted so good! The only down size to the dish was that the slice of bread at the bottom was slightly dry.
For drinks, my sister had a Neon, which was a spinach, pineapple and banana smoothie and I had the La Go Go, which was a watermelon, passion fruit and apple juice. Both were really good! I highly recommend getting a drink from Boho, there's a variety to choose from and they taste refreshingly delicious!

All three of us shared our meals and we also ordered a fruit type loaf. I can't really remember what was in it, but I remember it being really fresh, light and fruity.

 Overall, Boho is a great cafe to get some decent meals. In my opinion I think the drinks they have on offer are worth more than the meals. They're around seven to ten dollars which is quite expensive, but comparing to other cafes, it's around the same price. The meals took awhile to come out, and I don't think each dish has been perfected yet. The ideas, the flavours combinations and presentation is all there, but execution is lacking. Not to mention the prices are slightly on the higher side. I'm not sure if that's because of Boho or because cafes in general are increasing prices?

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