Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Encrusted Sunflower Seed Jewels at Boubar, Nedlands

Boubar is a great little cafe in Nedlands to get delicious food! It's really close to The University of Australia, so you're bound to see quite a few uni students! This time around I opted for the vegetarian baguette. It wasn't the first time eating it, I had it a few months ago, but I just couldn't say no to it! The baguette is amazing, it's encrusted with crunchy sunflower seeds like jewels. Inside the baguette, there was pumpkin, spinach, cheese and zucchini (I think) all hot and toasty. The meal also came with a side salad. So delicious, fresh and healthy.

 My mum had the smoked salmon bagel that also came with a side salad. To her disappointment, the bagel came toasted which cooked the smoked salmon slightly. We always prefer to have smoked salmon just the way it is, without any cooking. So, if you're in Boubar and you want to have a fresh sandwich or bagel, make sure to ask! The bagel itself was still great, although that certain fresh factor wasn't there.

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