Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Little Treats From Corica Pastries

 Corica's have the best almond slices ever! The other day after having lunch at in Northbridge, we decided to buy ourselves a little treat. We bought two almond slices and two cannolis that had vanilla and chocolate custard inside of them. I'm not a big fan of cannolis because it displeases my stomach, but according to my sister and mum, they're the best!

Corica's almond slices are so, so good. It's so decadent, chewy and rich in all the right ways. You've got to be careful with your teeth though, because they can be a little too hard especially when they've just come out of fridge. If you let them sit outside for awhile it will soften down, if you can wait that long. It's so fudgy and caramel-y and it's just the best thing to chew on, really satisfying. I love to cut them in to small bite sized pieces because it's fun to cut and eat them.
I'm really craving an almond slice right now! I much rather drive to Northbrige and buy one than slave over uni assignments and life in general. I've been trying to re-organise my blog too, I've changed the URL slightly if you haven't already noticed, and I'm stressing out with technical issues with Urbanspoon, the link isn't working for me any more, which is weird?? I'm going to try and fix it and hopefully it'll go back to normal!

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