Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Last Night's Dinner in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ah, so here is the second last post to my Chiang Mai trip that happened about three months ago in July. God, three months? It's always sad when a collection of posts dedicated to one thing comes to an end. But at least I have all of these documentations in the form of blogposts to remind me of what I've done and what has happened.

On the last night, we took the shuttle bus to the main area of Chiang Mai and had a casual dinner at this small mother and daughter operated restaurant. Their kitchen consisted of two stove tops in a enclosed area outside. The food was great. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures, because we were too excited and hungry and some people get annoyed at me when I take awhile to get a good picture.

This was what we ordered: omelet with rice, tom yum goong, deep fried fish, papaya salad and two other dishes I just can't remember as much as I try to. All so good and a perfect way to end the trip! After dinner we walked along the main street where the night market is held and bought some grilled corn and mango with sticky rice. Thank you Thailand for being so great!