Saturday, 11 October 2014

Foods You Must Buy from Kuala Lumpur and Chiang Mai

One thing I love most about going overseas is buying food from that country and bringing it back. It's the best thing, until you run out that is. I wanted to share some thing I bought back home from Chiang Mai and Kuala Lumpur (where we transited for a few days).

First up is Toppo! This is actually Japanese and it is my number one snack whenever I'm in Japan. Last year when I was in Japan for three months I was constantly munching on these bad boys, and I mean everyday. I bought this jumbo pack from a Guardian pharmacy in KL because I thought it was really neat. It costed me twenty Ringgit, which is about seven Australian dollars. It came with about ten or twelve packs of Toppo. It's basically a pretzel stick with chocolate inside of it, I like to describe it as an inside-out Pocky. These tasted a little different to the ones you get in Japan and I think it's because of the different manufacturer. The ones in Japan are much tastier obviously.

Another food item I bought in KL was Famous Amos cookies.Whenever we go back to KL we always, always bring home a kilo of Famous Amos cookies, or more. They're so addictive, so obviously they're not really good for your health but I like to think it's good for your soul. They're bit sized pieces and comes in a variety of deliciousness. The one we always get is the chocolate chip with no nuts, but the chocolate chip with macadamias are also so, so good. Famous Amos also does a double chocolate and chocolate chips one and chocolate chip cookies with other nuts. Also, they've got a whole range of different chocolates and sweets. Famous Amos outlets can be found at any good shopping centre and there are numerous stalls at the airports. This is a must, you have to try these!

I bought two boxes of these cookies from Chiang Mai International Airport, and I wish I bought the whole stack from the duty free shop. They're these coconut wafer rolls that are so crispy and delicious. Plus, there isn't anything bad in them, just a mix of coconut, tapioca and rice flour, sesame seeds, sugar and something I can't remember. These have to be my favourite bought snacks from Chiang Mai, they only sell them at duty free store however. They costed 190 Baht each, which roughly equates to seven dollars, so they're really worth your money. Next time I go to duty free in Thailand, I just going to fill my Country Road duffle bag with crispy coconut rolls, regardless of the strange looks and judgement I'm bound to receive.

Another great snack from Thailand is coconut chips. It's so simple and so satisfying. They're also ridiculously cheap compared to the ones you can purchase here in Perth. Do not buy coconut chips from Perth, because it superbly overpriced. I've seen them packs on sale for roughly four dollars for a relatively decent sized packet that is only filled one-third of the way, it's ludicrous.

The milk toffee and coconut fruit toffee were purchased at the duty free store at the airport. The milk toffee was surprisingly hard therefore making it difficult to eat and the coconut fruit toffee had peanuts throughout. Both we mediocre but definitely interesting in flavour and textures!

And that concludes the Chiang Mai trip blog posts. How sad. I need to write up some more posts, I've got a few ideas rolling inside my head and I think I'll put them to use soon. Stay tuned (if anybody, besides my mum is reading this)!