Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bloggers and Brioche Launch Night at V Burger Bar

 One thing  I love about blogging is that it gives me the opportunity to try out new things, which is what this post is about. I was invited to a Blogger's Nite at V Burger Bar in Floreat Forum for the launch of their new brioche burger range on Monday night, I was also lucky enough to bring my friend Chenelle as a guest! The night was a chance to not only try out their new burgers, but also to meet other Perth bloggers and shareholders of V Burger Bar where we shared our mutual love for food.

V Burger Bar is situated in the outdoor area of Floreat Forum, it's a spacious and airy place with surrounding windows that streams light inside It's a open air kitchen, so you're able to hear, smell and watch your burgers get made! The smell of freshly roasted coffee also wafts from the coffee machine, all these smells just makes you so hungry! I was seated in front of Perth food blogger Melanie who runs Take Me To Foodie Heaven, and Ferdinand, one of the five shareholders of V Burger Bar. I had a great time time chatting to them about blogging, travel, photography and of course food!
The Bloggers and Brioche Night was so well planned out. There was a long table decorated with candles and flowers, and there were name tags and place cards shaped like burgers, which really showed how much thought and effort they put in to the night. It was like a dinner party!

We started off with some starters, deep fried haloumi sticks and mushroom croquettes. Both dishes definitely had a great crunch! The haloumi sticks were moorish and salty with that extra cheesy flavour and it also came with some dip! I really enjoyed the mushroom croquettes. The mushrooms weren't too soggy and limp, they were cooked perfectly and the slight spiciness from the mayo gave it a nice kick.
The brioche line comes with three different types: the Americano which has a beef patty, melted cheddar cheese, pickles, mesculin mix, red onions, tomato, aioli and house relish; the Space Mushroom which has a cheese filled crumbed field mushroom, spicy mayo, mesculin mix, tomato and red onions; and the Piggy Back which has off the bone pork ribs, house made barbecue sauce, pickled jalapeños, aioli, coleslaw, and crispy onion rings. These burgers all come with a small ramekin filled with beer battered fries and aioli.

I wasn't sure how they were going to serve us the burgers, whether we were going to share or whether they would give us mini sliders of all three, but we were given the option of picking one of the three to try out.  I picked the Space Mushroom! I love it when gourmet burger places (which are usually centred around meat) offer vegetarian options. I can't say I'm a vegetarian, but I don't usually consume a lot of meat, so I really appreciate it when restaurants have meat free options that are as good as the other choices. The burger was a lovely size, although it did fill me up so much! It came out on little wooden chopping boards that added that extra touch, I think plating is so important when dining out, it really affects the food and the overall atmosphere of the place. As burgers tend to be, it was messy to eat, but that's only because of the jammed packed goodness in between the brioche buns! The crumbed mushroom was so, unbelievably crunchy! The mushroom itself was super juicy and so tasty. Combined with the sweet and soft buns, it was a great mix of different textures and flavour combinations!
Chenelle picked the Piggy Back, which was the most popular at the Blogger's table. I had a bite of hers, the pork was tender and juicy and so tasty! It had a tart sweetness that I really liked, I think it was from the house made barbecue sauce!  Preferring the boneless pork with barbecue sauce, to the traditional burger patty, Chenelle reported back saying that she really enjoyed the crunch of the onion rings and the amount of spiciness from the jalapeños and the creaminess of the coleslaw all balanced out perfectly. It's a bit of a let down when burgers come out all compressed and short, this was not the case at V Bruger Bar, all the burgers were impressively so tall! My Space Mushroom was on the verge of falling!

I felt so lucky to have been invited to the Bloggers and Brioche Night, I had such a great time and ate such yummy foods.The staff and the shareholders were all so kind, they were all very chatty, making jokes and laughing away, it set a great vibe to the evening! The bloggers were also given a small goodie bag at the end of the night that came with a double chocolate brownie for dessert, coffee beans that smell so good, Earl Grey tea packaged in a tiny jar and a twenty dollar voucher to spend at V Burger Bar! 

Brioche burgers are definitely interesting, if you want to try something different, I totally recommend getting one of the three awesome burgers from V Burger Bar's new brioche line. They're even having a 50% launch price tomorrow and the weekend (17th, 18th and 19th of October), so get in quick for some yum food at bargain prices! Thank you so much V Burger Bar for inviting me to the Bloggers and Brioche Night!

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