Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Japanese Food in Claremont: Lots of Sushi at Sado Island

Sado Island in Claremont is a great place to eat sushi and Japanese food for special occasions. It's not overly fancy, but it's perfect for a night out with family or friends. We came here last week for a sort of good bye dinner for my brother who was about to leave for London again, and we ate so much. It can get a little pricey if you're eating sushi by itself, but I reckon it's worth it. Sado Island also offers a set bento meal for a really reasonable price, it comes with an entree which you can pick out from the wide variety avaiable, the main bento and their homemade green tea ice-cream. Depending on which set you get, the Sado Bento, the sushi/sashimi bento or the other bento that I can't remember the name of, the set meals range from $45 to $50.

My mum ordered the Sado Bento, which came with a salad with Sado's special dressing, a bowl of white rice, sashimi, karaage (which is JFC: Japanese fried chicken), egg omelet, agedashi tofu (which is fried tofu with tempura sauce and condiments) and terriyaki fish. For dessert it was  scoop of luscious green tea ice-cream! For her entree, she decided to get the sushi entree which came with a variety of different sushi.

Sado Island Bento Box
We ordered so many raw salmon nigiri, I stopped counting after awhile. We also ordered, Japanese egg omelet, prawn and raw tuna. So, so good! The fish was fresh and didn't have that fishy after taste and the rice was perfection. Here's a tip and note to myself, eat the tuna sushi first, then the salmon sushi because there is a slight tone of fishyness if you eat it in the reverse order. Compared to the salmon, I think tuna has more oil and flavour. So good! I'm kind of craving sushi now.

We also ordered nasu dengaku, which is roasted eggplant with miso paste, which is perfect with a bowl of shiny white rice. We ordered a serving of agedashi tofu which was bigger than what I thought it would be, two potato croquettes (great with soy sauce and wasabi) and the inside out spider crab roll. They use soft shell crab and it was fried to perfection. It was crispy through out which I was super happy about! The green roe also added a great texture to the overall dish.

Potato Croquette, white rice and salad.
Nasu Dengaku and Agedashi Tofu
Inside out soft shell crab roll (Spider Roll)
For dessert, my brother and I got the red bean dorayaki with green tea ice-cream. Dorayaki is basically a sweet pancake like cake that is wrapped around sweet red bean. It's a very popular snack in Japan and it tastes so good. Along with the green tea ice-cream (which is a must if you're going to Sado Island) it was so good, the dorayaki was served warm and went extremely well with the ice-cream, it's not too overly sweet which I love about Japanese desserts. It also came with three balled melons, watermelon, rockmelon and honeydew!

Red Bean Dorayaki with Green Tea Ice-Cream
My sister had the coconut ice-cream with mango sauce, it was so cold and creamy! Again it wasn't overly sugary sweet, which was great, it also went really well with the mango sauce. My mum had a serving of the green tea ice-cream. By the time we finished we were stuffed! I totally recommend going to Sado Island!

Green Tea Ice-Cream as Part of the Set Meal

Coconut Ice-Cream with Mango Sauce

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