Thursday, 11 September 2014

Dessert Places | Koko Black Perth

I absolutely love Koko Black on William Street in Perth! The atmosphere, the food, the service, the people who work there and the interior is all so good. I came here for dessert after having lunch at Jamie's Italian next door. The interior is really dark and moody and it makes you feel super sophisticated especially if you cross you legs, drink a soy latte and eat handmade chocolates, sounds kind of pretentious (I am sometimes I admit), but oh well. It's also not ridiculously over priced like some chocolatiers are, which is great. I wish I took pictures of the interior! I'll do it next time I go there, which will be soon, hopefully.

There are two separate areas, one where you can roam around and admire or buy chocolate based goods, and the other where you sit down to eat something delicious. There's also a viewing window where you can see the kitchen staff apply gold leaf to chocolate desserts and the like. The store also smells sweet and inviting!

Soy latte: $4.50
Baked Chocolate Tart: $8.00
I ordered a Baked Chocolate Tart which is made from 64% Madagascan chocolate served warm with vanilla anglaise. So, so rich, decadent and yummy. It's perfect to solve chocolate or anything sweet cravings. I also ordered a soy latte to go with it. So, so good. I can't wait to go back to Koko Black and try out all their other desserts!

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