Thursday, 4 September 2014

Chocolate Pralines from Perth's Koko Black

I wanted to do a small review on the little pralines from Koko Black. I came to the Perth salon after lunch at Jamie's Italian with a friend to have dessert, that post is going to come a little later. Anyway, I bought five of them to bring home and I wish I had bought more! They're rather expensive as pralines are, they're all $2.10 and come in a little tray with cute packaging and a lovely Koko Black bag. You can also opt for a box, but this is more expensive. There are so many pralines to choose from, flavours ranging from fruity to caramel-y.

Starting from the top left, the pralines I bought were: Java dark (coffee flavoured centre coated with dark chocolate), caramelized coconut, dark salted caramel, hazelnut crisp with milk chocolate and milk chocolate coated hazelnuts cluster. I also got  to try out the free samples of dark chocolate raspberry ganache, the dark chocolate honeycomb brittle that you can buy by weight and the Java dark (Thanks Nicole!).

All were delicious and perfect for sharing with family and/or friends! The only downside though was that since they're so small, they leave you craving for more! I've included pictures of the wrapping in came it because I have this weird fascination with pretty packaging. Koko Black's pralines are great to give as gifts, with or without the fancy separated box. The interior of the Perth salon is also so lovely, it's quite dark and moody which has the effect of sophistication. The people that work there are also so nice. Ah, and it also smells heavenly sweet!

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