Saturday, 2 August 2014

Veranda Chiang Mai The High Resort Review

The hotel we stayed in during our trip to Thailand was called Veranda Chiang Mai The High Resort. My sister found this super stylish resort hotel on The hotel is situated in the hilly parts of Chiang Mai, about half an hour from the hustle and bustle of the main city center. It's quiet, secluded and surrounded by tall green trees, lush foliage and fragrant leaves. We arrived at the hotel around 10:00pm after a long full on day. The road leading up to the hotel was completely covered in darkness. With barely any street lamps, it was slightly daunting and scary going through the night, even though we were inside the air-conditioned car. The main entrance was also really dark, with lit candles and tiki-posts that guide you to the front reception. It's quiet and tranquil with the distant noises of water trickling. We were given a green welcome drink that was sweet and unusual in a refreshing way. 

Main entrance and reception area.
They had these great cocoon like lounges across from the reception desk.
It took awhile to get checked in and we also had to wait another fifteen minutes for a buggy to send us up to our rooms. Seeing as it was late at night, the two operating buggies were occupied by the large group of people that checked in before us. Riding on buggies are always fun! Our rooms were on the the third floor of a big building, since the hotel is located in a very hilly area, the buildings and rooms were at different heights, giving a different view everywhere. My first impression of our room was, oh my God look at that bath!! The black granite bath was huge and occupied the middle of the room!! The bathroom was all opened up, but had sliding doors to provide privacy. It was a very modern and stylish room with two double beds, a desk, a lovely day-bed and a separated vanity area. 

There were some impracticalities within the room, but it didn't ruin the overall stay at Veranda. Things like confusing air-conditioner control panels, a sliding piece of wood over the mirror that made us believe there was no mirror above the sink but over the bath, the sink was slightly too small and caused water to be splashed on the basin and confusing light switches. Also, in the bathroom area, the shower booth and toilet are separated by a wall and both had a large glass sliding door. However this sliding door had to be shared either between the shower or the toilet, i.e. you couldn't pee in privacy if someone was taking a shower with the door slid close and vice versa, I thought this was super impractical.

The room came with a nice balcony where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the green scenery that surrounds the compound. I loved the day bed, it was so comfortable and perfect for relaxing and reading a book. The separated vanity area, where we blow dried our hair and stored our luggage was also a nice. The hotel room also provides guests with woven wheat bags that you're able to use around the hotel. Ah and another thing that was great was that they provided us with four bottles of water instead of two like they normally would in a two person room. 

There were about eighty or so guests staying at Veranda while we were there according to the buggy driver. We didn't get to see many people though besides from the buffet breakfast, at the pool and when we congregated for the shuttle service. Speaking of the shuttle service, since Veranda is located slight off the map, they provided a complimentary shuttle service. There's one at 10:00am, where they drop you off in the city and pick you up at 1:00pm and another one at 7:00pm that drops you off at the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and picks you up at 10:00pm. It takes about half an hour to get to the city.


 There's a lot of places you can wander off to in this resort. My sister and I walked to the library where it's secluded and has several rocking chairs and bench swings outside. As part of our deal, the hotel came with breakfast every morning. It was a buffet style resort where they served a variety of Thai, Asian and western food options. I recomend sitting outside in one of the booths, there's an amazing view looking over the infinity pool and on to the giant green hills of Chiang Mai. The food was enjoyable and simple. I loved the freshly baked waffles and their peanut butter is amazing!!

Thai fried rice noodles and omelets cooked to order.

The infinity pool is so pretty and it so nice and relaxing to just swim and look at the Thai mountains. There aren't many seating places, although it didn't get that crowded when we went. It's very tranquil, quiet and serene. But it depends who your other hotel guests are like. There was a very large family that were at the pool as the same time as us and were just so noisy. They were splashing, racing, screaming and jumping around and it kind of ruined the time spent there, especially after a little girl kicked me and swam off like nothing happened. Thank God they left after awhile.

Just gazing at the greenery!
Overall the stay was great. The people working there as always were extremely kind, the breakfast was  enjoyable and the views were so vividly green and I felt like I soaked up a lot of oxygen. I liked the rooms, the bed was comfortable and it was spacious and airy. The pool is beautiful, it's relaxing with the constant fragrance of frangipanis wafting over and the surrounding views were just so spectacular and green. Sorry I kind of get obsessed with green nature because hardly anything here in Perth is green! The only downside of the place was that the location was kind of off the grid. Most of the attractions, shopping and activities are located more central in the city, so the location of Veranda meant we had spend more time in the car driving there. It's fantastic for being away from noises and crowds and if you want something private, quiet and relaxing.