Saturday, 16 August 2014

Complimentary Dinner at Veranda Chiang Mai The High Resort

During our stay at Veranda Chiang Mai The High Resort, we were given a complimentary dinner package at their restaurant. The resturant is a lovely open air area, with lots of greenery and fresh air. While the restaurant offers many dishes, the complimentary package is somewhat more restricted. We were given an option of either a vegetarian or non vegetarian set meal for two people that came with an entree, a soup, a main meal and fruit for dessert. Since there was four of us, we decided to get both options.

We were seated at a long wooden table, where we could see our rooms and enjoy the scenery. For the vegetarian entree, it was spring rolls and papaya salad, for the non vegetarian it was chicken skewers with peanut sauce. We were also given a basket of bread, which were really hard therefore making it difficult to eat for some reason. I think they were microwaved for too long or something. All the items of entree were great! Be careful of the papaya salad though, there were hidden chilli seeds! The chicken skewers reminded me of the Malaysian delicacy satay, but without the smokyness. 

The vegetarian set dinner came with a spicy mushroom clear soup, that was really spicy, but delicious at the same time. It really clears your sinuses! Strangely, the non vegetarian option didn't come with a soup.

For the mains, it was an assortment of different dishes to have with white rice. There was chicken green curry, green curry with tofu, stir fried beef, a tofu dish and stir fried vegetables. All had a hint of spicyness which was great and made it so easy to eat more rice!

They also has these great little air-conditioned private rooms.
Since we wanted to catch the shuttle bus to the night market that evening, we decided to take away our fruits, so we could enjoy them later in our rooms. The dinner wasn't spectacular. but it was pretty decent for a complimentary dinner! The location is so great and so open, it makes everything really peaceful and airy.

It's so open, yet there's a roof high above your heads to protect you from the rain.