Saturday, 2 August 2014

Buffalo Cart Ride, Bamboo Rafting and Thai Silk Factory

As mentioned before in my other post, we went on a bamboo raft ride and a cow/buffalo cart ride as part of a package in Maetang Elephant Park. As the elephants were questionable, the buffalo ride was too. I felt extremely horrible for these two poor cows that had to drag us along the street. Despite having wonderful views of green trees and foliage I felt so uncomfortable as I did on the elephant ride. Once again, I urge you not to participate in these kind of activities! There's not much I can do about the animals but tell and inform you that it's not fair and cruel to these animals.

We all thought this man was quite stylish in his attire!
The bamboo raft ride was pleasantly relaxing. It looks slightly unsteady, but in reality it's not, you won't tip over and you won't get wet, all you do is sit on wooden stools and admire the scenery around you while you go down a river. It's nice and quiet and you can really appreciate the sounds, smells and sights of nature during this ride. It doesn't go too fast and it's not bumpy to the extent that it'll make you feel sick. The ride lasts about half an hour and we were able to see a lot of nature and elephants roaming around and bathing. 

Next on our day trip, we went to a silk factory. This place at first completely freaked me out because when you enter there is a huge wall of shelves that hold thousands of silkworms at different stages. Some were still crawling, some were cocooning, some were producing silk etc etc. I didn't get any photos because I ran away as soon as I got the chance, it completely freaked me out. I have this irrational fear of bugs, any and every bug, you name it I will freak out and run. 

The silk factory is set up so that you walk through the stages of producing silk material. First, the silkworms in all their different stages, then spinning of silk and then the making of materials. I'm sure there are more stages than the ones I've written though. It's so amazing seeing these hard workers make material. They use these big wooden contraptions that weave singular strands of silk in to colourful and patterned materials. So amazing! Adjacent to where they make material, there is a shop where you can buy all sorts of products made from silk. Shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, scarves, material by itself, purses, fans, cushions, key chains, house slippers, linen and so much more. You can also custom make suits made from pure silk! On a random note, this shopping area was quite cold and conveniently they had a public restroom! No photos are allowed in this area unfortunately.