Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Simple and Comforting | The Blue Lotus Cafe

The Blue Lotus at Waldecks is a nice and relaxing place to grab simple foods. Their menu offers dishes that are simple and warming like, vegetables tarts, warm soups, sandwiches and salads. It's the type of food that you've already tried and don't mind getting it again. I really recommend sitting outside because the water features, the rustle of the plants on sale make everything calm and relaxed, and you're able to stare at the beautiful sky. The Blue Lotus is an extremely family and children friendly place, so don't be surprised if you see a dozen or so children running about. Don't worry it's not irritating or noisy, the outside sitting area is spacious and airy so you don't feel cramped and the voices tend to just evaporate or blend in to the atmosphere instead of bouncing off walls like it would inside.

For lunch, I ordered the sweet potato, zucchini and haloumi tart with the daily special salad. The food took awhile to come, which was surprising, but we weren't bothered by this. The tart was nice and hot when it came out and it also came with some relish. The daily salad was chickpeas, cauliflower, sprouts, artichokes (I'm presuming they were artichokes) and sour cream. Seeing as we were sitting in the shade and the weather was cool, the salad made me slightly too cold. It was okay though, because I had the tart! The tart was very light and easy to eat, and the relish was great.

My mum had the carrot and turnip soup with ciabatta bread. It's a great soup to have on cold days, it was quite thin in texture but not to the extent that it was watery. For dessert, we ordered a sticky date pudding with flat whites. The dessert was sticky, dense and came with a serving of cream, which went perfectly well with the coffee. The Blue Lotus's food are wholesome and homely, familiar and comforting. It isn't particularly inventive or quirky, it's just yummy familiar simple foods that everyone knows and loves.

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