Sunday, 15 June 2014

Potato Frenzy | Sweet and Purple Potato Recipes

Okay, so this is a pretty weird post, I mean the title's 'Potato Frenzy', I'm not sure why I chose that, oh well. I wanted to put these photos on my blog because I loved how the colours turned out. I also wanted to do a potato appreciation post, because potatoes are basically my life. A few weeks ago, for lunch we just ate potatoes, two kinds in particular: sweet potatoes and purple potatoes. My God, they are great. Everyone knows what sweet potatoes are right? Have you ever heard of a purple potato? It's such a great vegetable. It's quite similar to the sweet potato, due to its sweetness but the purple potato is much more dense and its texture is somewhat more creamy and thick than a sweet potato. It also has the most amazing colour. 


For the sweet potato, what I like to do is to cut them in to long chunks, spread them on to a tray with baking paper and cover them with Thai red curry paste. It tastes amazing and I can just eat it everyday. This is what I did on the right side, on the left, I've drizzled it with some olive oil, sprinkled salt, pepper and paprika, this is a great way to eat sweet potatoes too!

They really shrivel up once they're done roasting in the oven.
For the purple potatoes, we just steam them and sprinkle some salt on top once they're cooked. Notice how the cooked purple potato has intensified its colour? How amazing is that? I just love all these photos I took, all the colours look amazing! Wow, I sound like a potato freak.