Saturday, 14 June 2014

Noodles at Noodle Forum


There's just this special thing about the noodles at Noodle Forum that makes me crave more. This little noodle shop is a great place to get your noodle fix if you're in the city which is hidden in the Equus Arcade. It's a pretty small space so be prepared to sit shoulder to shoulder with strangers. It's a very simple place, you get seated, you choose from a range of noodles that all have the one price and you order at the counter and wait for your bowl of goodness. All the noodles are freshly handmade, and you're also able to see the head chef making the noodles through their glass walls.

I had the laksa, which was great. The noodles are really spectacular, they just have that al dente texture that you can't get with store bought noodles. There's also the option of getting wantons in soup or deep fried wantons, both are great! I love how all the noodle dishes come with two vegetable crackers which are also handmade in store. Other noodles that we've tried include the classic BBQ pork noodles and the chicken and potato curry noodles.

Sorry for the extremely short and monotonous blog post, it's currently exam season and I am so stressed out. I keep procrastinating, like doing this blog post. But seriously, go try out their noodles, you won't regret it. I think I'm going to head over to Noodle Forum once exam period is over.

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