Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Aesthetically Pleasing Ruby's Patisserie

Ruby's Patisserie makes me so, so happy. There's something so comforting about a perfectly sized dessert, it just warms my heart. It also makes me slightly nostalgic, because it reminds me of eating desserts in Japan. My mum decided to kindly treat us with some desserts the other day and it was just so satisfying. In the takeaway box, there is an eclair, a gluten-free pistachio layered cake, a coffee layered cake, a pear tart and a lemon meringue pie (there were two of these before I took the photo). They were all so beautiful and photogenic, even the the pear tart that already had a chunk missing (due to my mum). Just look how dainty and delicious they look! It's so aesthetically pleasing.

 I thought the lemon meringue pie was the most photogenic dessert to capture on camera. I mean look at it! The meringue on top looks hard, but in actual fact it's soft and somewhat densely foamy. It really does hold it's shape very well. The texture is likened to what I presume melted marshmallow feels like, soft, foamy, but not airy, dense but lightly creamy at the same time. The lemon curd hiding inside was a nice contrast to the sweet meringue, and the shortcrust pastry was so crumbly and buttery.
Next, we have the pistachio cake. This cake is gluten free and looks painstakingly intricate and time consuming. There's a crunchy and chocolately base, and layers of chocolate ganache, green sponge and pistachio cream, topped off with more ganache, gold flakes and a decorative chocolate square. I thought the pistachio flavour was quite subtle, I could taste more of the ganache and honey like sweetness, but there is a slight pistachio overtone. It was great!

 This cake is very similar to the one above, but it's coffee flavoured. It's also topped with gold nuggets that add a great crunchy texture to the soft cafe. I preferred the coffee over the pistachio cake simply because the coffee one had a more distinctive flavour and I absolutely love coffee. I can't get over how pretty it is. I don't have a close up photo of the eclair or the pear tart, sorry! I'm not a really big fan of eclairs, I've never had one that's tasted nice, I somehow always get eclairs that are lukewarm, slightly soggy and too creamy. There's something about choux pastry that I can't describe, I don't dislike it, but I don't particular hate it either. It's rather strange to be honest. Ruby's eclair however did taste fantastic, but I'm still misguided about the texture of eclairs. I didn't get to have much of the pear tart, my sister and mother ate majority of it, so I only managed to eat the buttery pastry and a tiny piece of pear, it was fantastic nevertheless.

In total, for six desserts the total was around nineteen dollars, which equals about four dollars per dessert, which in my opinion is very reasonable, especially since the quality, presentation and taste is top-notch.
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