Friday, 9 May 2014

The Wild Fig Cafe Isn't That Wild

The Wild Fig Cafe in Scarborough has the most mixed reviews. A lot of people on Urbanspoon have complained about the horrible service, the long wait times and the food being over priced and mediocre, on the other hand some have said they've enjoyed their meals at the cafe, which made curious about this place. I went to The Wild Fig Cafe on Thursday morning with one of my friends for breakfast. The reason we came here was that they offered gluten free options, we have never been there before and it was relatively close by. We got there about 9:30am and it wasn't busy, the weather outside was extremely overcast, on the verge of rain and so windy. Because of the wintry weather, we could see the Indian Ocean in all it's rage and wrath. The waves were incredible, they just kept coming and coming and they were huge! When we were seated, the waitress immediately asked us if we wanted any juice, tea or coffee without giving us anytime to actually look at the menu or the drinks list. I kind of felt like I was being put on the spot, to quickly make a decision. We both ordered flat whites after a moments hesitation but it would have been nice to be given some time to look at the drinks list.

Flat white :$4.00

They have wifi, which is a plus!

The inside decor is super funky and retro, there's fringed lamps, mix matched chairs and tables and fake grass on the wall. I thought this was so cool, there were also ceiling lamps made out of Milo tins. For breakfast I order the 'vegan'. The menu wasn't particularly specific as to what it was, it kind of just listed all the ingredients in the dish like this : "pumpkin, shallots, capsicum, cherry tomato, evoo, fig vincotto, pumpkin rye, balsamic reduction", so I didn't really know what to expect. Oh, and for those who doesn't know what evoo is like I did, it's an acronym of extra virgin olive oil. My friend ordered the gluten free version of 'veggie', "two eggs, roast mushroom, spinach, grilled tomato, whipped goats cheese, avocado, pumpkin rye".

For $16.50 I felt like it was over priced for what I got. Don't get me wrong, it did taste nice and the toast was nice a crunchy, but I felt like I could have made this at home for the fraction of the price I paid. It kind of reminded me of eating a stir fry, although the flavours weren't Asian. I guess you could say it's like home cooked food, but I don't go to a cafe to eat home cooked food, I would do that at home, duh. There wasn't anything spectacular or special about it, and I wouldn't order it if you're looking for something interesting or different. But don't get me wrong, it did taste nice!

'Vegan': $16.50
We got our food pretty fast too. After reading the review of The Wild Fig Cafe I was kind of curious of what the waiters were like, because a lot of the reviews complained about the lack of efficiency and kindness. I kind of got worried that the staff were going to be rude. They weren't rude, but they weren't exactly super friendly either. They were kind of just there, kind of monotone and only there to bring food etc. I wouldn't mind coming back again, to try out their other dishes, but not anytime soon.

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